I recently had the delight of interviewing the lovely Kasia Gorol, the very successful blogger who runs Jestem Kasia. Kasia is a blogger for Fashion Salade who regularly posts her gorgeous style and outfits on both her blog and Lookbook. I fell in love with her style photographs at a first glance and I am sure that you will too. 

What inspired you to start blogging and posting your outfits on Lookbook?

Actually, it was a little bit of an accident. I love fashion since I can remember, but for a long time I was only observer, I was passive in the fashion world. I found a contest for carnival styling on the internet and I won one of the prizes, this situation led that founded the blog.

How would you describe your style? My style is different, I’m not true to one style, but I love vintage, boho and hippie style. You can see that my outfits are full of floral motives, fringe or lace clothes, and other typical elements of these styles.   If you had to start your wardrobe from scratch, what would the first things would buy be?

Skinny jeans, leather ramones jacket, converse, many simple shirts, hats and Litas.

What has been the best experience that has come from blogging?

I have collaborated with many brands such as Mango, Stradivarius and some other smaller brands. I was in Barcelona twice for photo shoots and this is for me big success. I have a line of my t-shirts with cats, which are on sale! My blog has been featured in many magazines in the world, such as Vogue Girl, Elle girl, Cosmopolitan etc.  and I’m proud of this!
What is your number one style tip?

“Less is more”. When I have no idea, what to wear, I wear skinny pants with the white shirt and this combination looks always good! 
  Do you have any advice for budding bloggers?

Just be yourself! Blogging should be for you the biggest passion and only then it makes sense!

Visit Kasia’s… Blog: http://www.fashionsalade.com/jestemkasia/ Lookbook: http://lookbook.nu/user/63384-Kasia-G
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