Guess what finally arrived in the mail today? A WHOLE NEW SHIPMENT OF ANIME LOS ANGELES POSTCARDS!~ And from our mailbox to yours, you’ll be seeing these gorgeous cards in your mailboxes and at local cons soon!!

And don’t forget! You only have 7 more days to register at the 30$ Full weekend rate!! So follow the link below and get your badge today!! After the 15th, full weekend ticket prices will go up to 45$ till September 15th.


Beautiful Postcard art made by Elizabeth Santiago!

Hi Friends! Today I’m busy hand making Greeting Cards and prints for my #RawArtist opening reception this Thursday!

I’ve got you covered for #FathersDay Day with gorgeous cards featuring Manhattan and Brooklyn scenes! I’m so stoked to be showing my art soon! Thank you so much!

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(at New York City)

Things gotten at @scifivalleycon
Free Pokemon Omega Ruby and Omega Sapphire poster and free Grand Theft Auto lanyard
Simon Ragbome by @illustratornate The art is beautiful and the story is really fun. 10/10 would recommend.
A super cute Intergalctic Army propaganda sticker from @ellierc_arts which I’ve already stuck on my favourite notebook
A She- Hulk pin, Halloween pin, and an Alien pin (last two not pictured) from a really nice guy that I don’t know the name of! I didn’t grab a business card. ;-;
Gorgeous wire jewelry from Get Wired Designs. I got a really awesome black tiara, a black ring, and a really cool keychain that I intend to put on a necklace chain because it’s that pretty.
And we got a dvd of Mr. Hush and a signed poster and headshot from @davidleemadison
I think that’s everything.
I had a fun time, but I’m not sure I’ll be back next year. The crowd had a lot of normies and being placed in the hallway wasn’t super fun. Lots of people were just rushing by.
We did have really great neighbors all around though.
I wish I wasn’t so shy and awkward IRL but sometimes it’s just really hard for me to speak to cool people. Sorry if I met you and was an awkward weirdo. :x
Participating in Gearbox Union’s Con Quest was a real highlight of our convention and I really hope to see them branch out and do this at EVERY convention. And the people at their booth were a lot of fun too.
This is a long post and I bet nobody is reading it!
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Happy (LONG!) Weekend

Hope you all have a fantastic Memorial Day weekend! Here are a few things that caught my eye this week: 

Girls Holding Flowers by Luisa Brimble

These beautiful sympathy cards for people going through cancer. So poignant, so true. I especially love the ‘Please let me be the first to punch the next person who tells you everything happens for a reason’ card. 

This gorgeous blog of stories about motherhood, pregnancy, the struggles to conceive, and other women sharing their experiences. 

Wouldn’t you love to pop over to Milan to see this exhibit on food, culture, and design?! It’s all so beautiful!

Planning on making a lot of these this summer. Homemade popsicles are the BEST and, um, so much cheaper than store bought. 

These glorious photos from Paris. The 4th one down… stunning. I have been reading a lot about France recently. Why do I torture myself like this? 

Humans’ staggering effect on Earth in photos. 


Photo source unknown. I really tried! 

Steam Edition Launch + Global Price Drop

And the countdown beings to the official Steam launch of Always The Same Blue Sky…

The brand new ‘Steam Edition’ contains a lot of exclusive Steam-only content, including:
Cloud-Save Support
Trading Cards

Released in exactly 3 hours, make sure to reserve your copy: http://store.steampowered.com/app/363410/

The gorgeous trading cards and other goodies have been loving crafted by: FluffyDizzy
And the playful achievements by: Alyshells

With the Steam release, comes a universal price drop across all stores, meaning that Always The Same Blue Sky is now even cheaper than your average coffee!