Dadès Gorge

Winter torrents have carved out the sheer-sided ravine that cuts through the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Where the Dadès River cuts between the forbidding peaks of the High Atlas Mountains, a narrow gorge winds a hairpin course between walls towering to a dizzy 1600ft (500m). As the sun climbs higher and sunlight seeps down the walls, the rocks change from black through greens and reds to brilliant yellow, depending on the season and time of day.

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Gorge has an official release date: July 7th!

I’m really excited to officially announce this. I got the cover up, and now, I’m steadily chewing through crafting the zine.This zine will be all text, with title pages to break up the four stories. I designed the cover myself and hand drew the font for it too, and I’m mighty proud of it.

Gorge is avaliable for pre-order here. It costs $2.50 for a downloadable pdf. It will become avaliable at noon Central Standard time on 7/7! This zine is rated teen plus -16 and older- due to the content.