re: miley cyrus supposedly coming out

why are yall so excited about a blatantly racist and anti-black white person (who has appropriated many different cultures in her videos) coming out and starting some sort of strange ~charity~ you know very little about???

also she used the t-slur and never apologized so like, lmfao, how much can you bet her ‘caring’ about leelah alcorn is just a PR stunt tbh

@ white queer dfab ppl (since thats who i most see celebrating her) …….. care to answer?

While Miley Cyrus has come out as multisexual (though she has not labelled herself) and she has been doing charity work for homeless LGBT youth, let’s not forget that much of her success is rooted in cultural appropriation and racism.

Before bisexuals praise her as a role model, it’s important to remember the ways in which she is the face of basic white feminism, and has repeatedly dismissed, used, and offended black women in particular.


The handwriting says: “How can you, a minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, be such a deceitful hypocrite? You’re not fooling anyone but yourself in your nauseating talk about non-violence. You demand a program to overcome poverty and “flow in” (?) untold amounts in your high living and running all over the globe to feed your own egotism.” (source)

Fuck your rich lesbian Ellen DeGeneres. fuck your rich genderqueer Miley Cyrus. I don’t give a damn about celebrities who continue to commodify and profit off an lgbt+ community that was built by the oppressed, particularly trans women of color. Fuck this horrid community that cares more about gay marriage and being part of the military industrial complex while not giving a shit about abused and homeless trans and gay people and the black and brown people being hurt by police brutality and imperialism.


Ok so basically one of my mutuals got a dm w rena ((the girl from hey violet that has dreads)) and tried confronting her abt the whole situation.

*NOTE: i was added as a moderator bc as a black girl, I know more abt this topic* she showed her tweets abt her dreads and how ppl thought they were ok, and how big of an influence she had on people who listen to her & 5sos’ music. ((SHE CALLED THE BAND HIV ON ACCIDENT…AUTOCORRECT IS A BITCH…she was trying to write hv i promise))

Anyway, a couple days after these were sent, Rena left the convo without saying one word. Not even to apologize or speak her mind. This pissed me off bc she SAW the dms, and refused to acknowledge anything we were saying. She could’ve played the “i respect your opinion but…” Card and i would feel better, but she completely blew off what we were trying to say.

I’ve been dragging out the fact that she’s appropriating black culture, but it makes me really mad and I have the right to be mad, so if you get annoyed you’re part of the problem.
Pls don’t defend her, especially not on this. More ppl will start to feel like it’s ok to appropriate ppls cultures when it’s really not, and it makes PoC uncomfortable so pls don’t do it :) thank you!


May 6  12:00 pm
Perpetuating GOP Racism: Virginia Republican Quickly Deletes Facebook Joke About Police Dogs Eating Baltimore Protesters

ATTN Republicans, once you post something on social media, you can’t just magically disappear it.

After a Republican lawmaker from Virginia posted an inflammatory meme with the suggestion that police dogs should eat Baltimore protesters, a colleague of his in the state legislator posted it on Blue Virginia.

Raw Story reports:

State Del. Hyland “Buddy” Fowler Jr. joked, “I wonder if a few of these would help bring calm to Baltimore?” above a picture posted by the police blog showing an officer holding a K-9 officer back. The caption reads, “Go ahead and run. They like fast food.” The image can be seen in its entirety below.

The post has since been deleted.

State Sen. A. Donald McEachin (D), responded to the inflammartory post in statement.

“I don’t know whether he thinks it is a joke or funny, but what I do know is that it is insensitive, unhelpful and in total disregard for the difficult situation facing the citizens of Baltimore and, honestly, the public safety officers,” McEachin said. “As Baltimore residents express their frustration and anger over the death of an unarmed citizen and as police struggle to maintain order in these difficult times, Del. Fowler chooses to exacerbate a tense and very difficult situation with his idea of humor, if one can even stoop to call it that.”

If you post something on social media, the rest of us can see it.

This is why we can’t have a serious discussion with Republicans on race issues.

…Even with all the progress and openness in Mexico over the past few years, there is still one subject that no one talks about, one that is still off-limits: race.

The enduring taboo subject is skin color, whether an individual’s complexion betrays an allegiance to the Spanish who conquered the Aztec empire in 1521 or the Aztecs who were conquered. It’s no exaggeration to say that, in this country and especially in this city, the best, highest-paying, most important jobs often seem to go to those who, in addition to having the best education and the strongest connections, have the lightest skin.

On television, in politics and in academia, you see light-skinned people. On construction sites, in police forces and in restaurant kitchens, you’re more likely to find those who are dark-skinned. In the priciest neighborhoods, the homeowners have light skin, and the housekeepers are dark. Everyone knows this, and yet no one talks about it, at least not in elite circles.

—  Source [x]
White Victims of Racism & Hate Crimes

Since Tumblr racists insists on claiming that white people aren’t in any danger and you can’t be racist towards them…

…And I guarantee you that there are more stories like this, hiding deep in the dregs of the internet because nobody has the sense to care.

If you think that any of these people deserved to be attacked, that their lives are worth less or that these attacks don’t matter because the victims are white, then you are a racist, plain and simple.

The Independent published Saturday the results of an investigation in which they found that more than 3,000 police officers in the U.K. are under investigation for assault. The majority of complainants are racial minorities — namely residents of African and Asian descent. In London, black and Asian people make up a third of the population, but 55% of alleged brutality victims. In the West Midlands region of the country, they make up 14% of the population but nearly half of brutality complainants, the report states.

Internal probes into these incidents remain ongoing across the U.K.’s 45 police forces. Meanwhile, 98% percent of the officers under investigation are still on active duty, with only 2% suspended or placed on restricted duty, according to the Independent investigation.