The irony of this situation is massive enough to develop its own gravitational field. These harassers want Sarkeesian to stop talking about misogyny in video games. So they unleash horrifying misogyny on Sarkeesian herself. To, I guess, make the point that video games are just fine? That misogyny in games is having no broader cultural effect? That there is no problem here? Because this kind of behavior is normal? If I wasn’t half convinced that the men harassing Sarkeesian weren’t in fact actual trolls — like, the kind that live under bridges with only rocks for friends — I would wonder how they’d feel if their mom or girlfriend or wife was receiving the same threats.

BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive picture of the man who recently wrote threats to Anita Sarkeesian on twitter.

He has been identified by a female police officer as Aneto Serkaasien, the CEO of the Men’s Rights Movement and president of 4chan. The (female) police officer, who conveniently asked to remain anonymous (even though she is a very brave woman), claims that Aneto is very dangerous and armed with weapons of mass misogyny.  

When I see shit like that happening in the gaming community – a community which I usually consider myself a part of when I’m not praying to god to cleanse it with fire – I get very upset. I don’t want anything like that going on within something I identify with. These misogynistic gamer boys, however, aren’t concerned with the quality of the community, I guess. With them it’s always “well harassing Zoe is bad but here let me perpetuate unsupported rumors that contribute to the harassment of Zoe” and “well nobody should be sending threats but here’s some conspiracy theories we’ve come up with to justify it.”

But really, these are the good ones. The conspiracy theory gamer boys that will actually acknowledge that Zoe’s been harassed and that it’s bad are few and far between, and they’re preferable. To the more common type, that demands “proof” of this harassment despite the fact that they’re in the process of perpetuating it or insist that it’s not as bad as she’s saying. That’s always how it is. She must be lying, she must be exaggerating, she must deserve it.

fuck-liberal-morons said:

Why do you prochoice cunts act like coat hanger abortions were some sort of tragedy?I mean... you get your wish (to murder your child) and I get my wish (that you never produce another). To me, this is the perfect compromise.

Hey pro-lifers, is this the kind of representation you want?

Why am so surprised a pro-lifer wouldn’t give any fucks about pregnant people’s live and health? Wishing death and infertility through unsafe abortion and the very apparent misogyny you put forth just shows me how little you care about pregnant people.

Anyways, I’ve already wasted too much of my time on a shit stain like you. - Paige

A video post shared by a Facebook friend, wherein I am, as usual, the angry lady person in yellow. Video can be found here: (x)

Basically it’s a whinefest - spending $10 on a cover that a few well-placed stitches would render useless is probably not a wise financial decision (file that under “who really gives a crap, it’s your money”), but that’s not why the new narrator of this “parody” Cami Secret infomercial is upset.

No, it’s because women who prefer work attire that effectively reduces the amount of cleavage they’re showing are murderers. These women are literally killing boners left and right, without taking the time to consider the irreversible damage they are doing to the tear ducts of the sobbing, babbling, Fedora-wearing piss babies that have found solidarity in the Facebook comment section. 

"Woe is me! She has covered up her breasts so I cannot ogle them as easily as I once did-" (*cough cough* maybe this is why she is looking into covering up her cleavage in the first place *cough COUGH*)
"-It’s not fair! Why is this woman making choices about her own body without asking me first?"

I wouldn’t read the comments, lots of “I feel you, bro”s, tagging of friends to note the hilarity, and internalized misogyny. But the killer is the video caption. “Ladies, take note. Guys, Laugh with agreement.”

What more can be said? Classic male tears at finding out that they’re not actually entitled to the bodies of women. Infantile logic right there, “I can see it, so it must be mine!” At least children learn…

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There Is No Israeli Siege On Gaza

The numbers speak for themselves - 1.7 Million tons of merchandise were imported into Gaza via the Israeli border in the last 2 years.

Israel allows in all the food and medicine that Gaza wants. Everything can go in, except for weapons and items that can be used to make weapons.

Same goes for the ability of people to cross the border for medical needs and for business. 10% of the people who crossed the border were internationals - journalists & aid workers.

Given Hamas’ creation of terror tunnels used by it to carry out terrorist attacks in Israel against civilians, it is clear that there has to be control over what goes into the Gaza strip, so as to make sure that it is not used for Hamas’ terrorist infrastructure.

With neighbors like Hamas, would you give up control over your border?

Misogynistic Guy Gamers: The Threats Against Anita Sarkeesian Are On All of You


The fact is that any time you call Anita Sarkeesian or Zoe Quinn a gendered slur and send hateful tweets and other visible messages and make misogynistic comments on their videos or articles about them, or perpetuate misogynistic tropes and unsupported rumors about them, there’s a good chance that a man who truly hates women enough to possibly physically harm them will see it and be assured that he is in the right. That his desire to hurt them is supported, that he is not alone, that everyone feels the same way he does, and he will be defended and hailed as a hero by many others if he threatens or hurts them or their loved ones.

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Is it any surprise that perennial guestsubmitteepreacher-in-training rape apologist Timothy Dukeman:

A. Is ignorant of what feminism is/says

B. Uses religion to justify that ignorance

Quote comes from his blog, Deeper than Sound-Bites. Photo of him included this time.


More from contender for worst person of all time: Tim Dukeman.

The GOP doesn’t discriminate based on gender— women are free to join in the oppression of women, minorities, and the poor along with the men.