If they’ve learned nothing else from the Obama era, close observers of American politics should, by now, at least understand this: When it comes to public opinion,Harry Truman was right. The buck stops with the president. That’s likely been the case for a while, if not always; but after Republican attempts to sabotage President Obama’s agenda repeatedly led to electoral triumph, it’s become impossible to deny. Under the present system, Americans quite simply cannot keep track of who in their government is to credit (or to blame). So, logically, they assign responsibility to the president — regardless of whether it’s deserved. If gas prices are low and the economy is humming, that’s a sweet deal for whoever’s in the White House. When oil is gushing out of the ocean and there’s Ebola within the country’s borders, not so much.

Mainstream pundits need to stop kidding themselves — Republicans won’t suffer if the Supreme Court kills Obamacare

Poll: Rand Paul Leads GOP Field, Best Republican Against Hillary

According to a new poll out today from the Washington Post, Rand Paul is leading the current GOP field with 11% support.

  1. Rand Paul: 11%
  2. Marco Rubio: 10%
  3. Mike Huckabee: 9%
  4. Other/Undecided: 8%
  5. Ben Carson: 8%
  6. Ted Cruz: 8%
  7. Rick Santorum: 4%
  8. Carly Fiorina: 2%
  9. Lindsey Graham: 1%
  10. George Pataki: 1%

(Candidates not in the race: Scott Walker 11%, Jeb Bush 10%, Chris Christie 6%, Donald Trump 4%, John Kasich 3%, Rick Perry 2%, and Bobby Jindal 0%)

Even better, Rand Paul polled as the best Republican against Hillary Clinton in 2016. While all other candidates were polling near or well past the margin of error, Rand Paul was in a statistical dead heat!

  1. Rand Paul 47%, Hillary Clinton 48% (-1%)
  2. Marco Rubio 46%, Hillary Clinton 49% (-3%)
  3. Scott Walker 46%, Hillary Clinton 49% (-3%)
  4. Jeb Bush 43%, Hillary Clinton 51% (-8%)
  5. Ted Cruz 43%, Hillary Clinton 52% (-9%)

Rand Paul’s message is resonating with the voters. When asked in February if Rand Paul “represents the past or the future,” 8% more said “the past.” Three months later, and now 13% say “the future!”

  1. February 12-15, 2015: 49% “the past,” 41% “the future.” (-8%)
  2. May 29-31, 2015: 53% “the future,” 42% “the past.” (+11%)

My latest column at The Week is about how continued obsession with (at this point, a mostly mythologized) Ronald Reagan cripples Republican attempts to entice new voters or develop new ideas—especially ideas that don’t involve wars on drugs and/or people.

Wait, so officer Stephen Rankin gets in trouble for posting Nazi imagery and Nazi views online,  then shoots an unarmed immigrant chef and an unarmed black kid respectively and NO ONE in the department thinks this is worth looking into? The fuck?

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to spot something amiss here.


Fox News has been on the air nearly two decades and some Beltway journalists are still denying the transparent truth about the cable channel and its intricate political machinations. Even some longtime conservatives, such as historian and former Reagan aide Bruce Bartlett, now concede Fox News is “brainwashing” the conservative electorate, and that the GOP is being harmed by the network.

Republicans are getting their talking points from Rupert Murdoch, and it may end up costing them the 2016 elections

Cop with pro Nazi views kills an unarmed black teen under very suspicious circumstances,

Just after he’s returned from suspension for killing an immigrant cook (he was also unarmed) in equally suspicious circumstances.

WTF? How can this guy still be on the force? Ridiculous.

Fox News Host Has Outrageous Reason Progressive Ideas Are Getting More Popular

For the first time since Gallup pollsters began tracking, the country is evenly split between those who identify as liberals versus conservatives. It’s a major drop for conservatives, who in 1999 outweighed liberals two-to-one. Analysts have cited many factors for the steady, multi-decade rise of self-identified progressives in the U.S., including increased acceptance of same-sex marriage and legal marijuana, but Fox News host Bill O’Reilly has his own theory.