Look, the Republicans just slay me. They are just so ridiculous. So they had an Ebola czar. His name is Vivek Murthy. He’s President Obama’s nominee for Surgeon General which the Republicans have been stalling at the request of the National Rifle Association since February. So, the Republican’s idea of how to practice medicine is to listen to the National Rifle Association. I discount everything they say, they know nothing. They’re not interested in health; they’re interested in politics.
Next Time Someone Tells You Voter ID Laws Won't Keep People From Voting, Show Them THIS! (Image)

Next Time Someone Tells You Voter ID Laws Won’t Keep People From Voting, Show Them THIS! (Image)

Still think voter ID laws won’t keep people from voting? Over 600,000 people in Texas may find themselves unable to cast ballots, thanks to the U.S. Supreme Court’s shamefully unjust decision to allow Texas to enact SB-15, the strictest voter ID law in the nation.

In Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s scorching six-page dissent against the ruling, also signed by Justices Sotomayor and Elena Kagan, she…

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Republicans Can’t Win Elections
The Republicans In ‘Republicans Are People Too’ Ad Are All Stock Photos

Conservatives wanted to remind people that “Republicans Are People Too” with an ad campaign insisting that Republicans recycle and have tattoos.

But as The Daily Banter pointed out, the woman the ad used to prove that “Republicans are black” is actually a very popular stock photo.

Her image is featured on the Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys' website and a promotion for a discount on glasses.

And unsurprisingly, TPM found that the other every-man Republicans featured in the ads were also stock photos.



The Republican Party recently released an ad assuring us that, yes, there actually are Black Republicans.

A message that would have probably been more impactful if the only appearance of a Black person in their video wasn’t a stock photo they had to pay to use…


#IAmRepublican hashtag gets hijacked by biting parody tweets

Do you agree with Republican policies? If not, would you if you knew some Republicans have tattoos and beards?

That’s the gist of a new Republican social media campaign, with a (very strange) strategy to prove that “Republicans Are People Too.” This effort comes in the form of a campaign video, Twitter account and Facebook page that highlight unorthodox Republicans like art teachers, environmentalists and, apparently, moms.

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I think I know why the Republicans in so many states are working to make it harder for blacks and young people to vote. I think it’s to raise their chance of winning elections. If they can deflate the numbers of minority and young voters, they can balloon the electoral power of older, white people. That’s a mathematical fact.
—  Chris Matthews weighs in on the wave of GOP-backed voter ID laws being passed throughout the country
When Republicans talk about morality, they talk about God and redemption. But they don’t mention the immorality of one in five of American children being impoverished, of cuts in food stamps that are causing many to go hungry, and of reduced education funding that’s condemning them to lousy schools. They don’t talk about the immorality of declining worker incomes when corporations are making record profits and CEOs are taking home record pay. They leave out the immorality of billionaires flooding our democracy with money to elect candidates that will make them even richer. We are in a moral crisis but it has nothing to do with private redemption. It is a crisis of public morality, and the redemption of America.

Alarming poll shows many conservatives don’t care about issues facing women at work  

More than a quarter of conservatives have “no opinion” about the most important issues facing working women. 

That’s according to a recent Gallup poll that found 26% of conservatives declined to offer a response when asked about “the most important issues facing working women in the United States.”

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