If at some point these extremist Republicans are actually called out on their rhetoric of violence, they either deny doing it or say it was a joke.  The problem is that, if indeed these are jokes, they have real consequences. We should really wonder why Republicans find the idea of killing people they disagree with so funny.  As we well know, jokes are also often a cover for aggression, derision and disdain. Death threat jokes like Eastwood’s and Palin’s are clearly a sign of not-so-repressed desires for violence.

Eastwood denies threatening Michael Moore, then does it again. The tough-guy act’s wearing thin for his whole party

Unlike some members of the Republican Party who think the illegal NSA spying is “the best part of the Obama administration,” I believe that you have a constitutional right to privacy. We must remember that our rights are unlimited, un-enumerated, and given to us by God. Your rights are who you are, your rights are what you are, your rights are in your DNA – and the government can get over it.

As President of the United States, I will immediately stop the NSA’s illegal domestic spying programs and defend the entire Bill of Rights from an out-of-control government.

Republican Candidates Go To Vegas To Audition For Single Largest Campaign Donor In U.S. History

This weekend, Republican presidential hopefuls, including Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and former Texas Gov. Rick Perry ®, will travel to Las Vegas to audition for billionaire casino mogul Sheldon Adelson’s backing at the Republican Jewish Coalition’s spring meeting. In their speeches, the candidates will make their pitch to Adelson that they mostly closely share his interests.

Thus far, the GOP Presidential candidates are...

1) The guy who thinks “Whites only” businesses should be constitutionally protected

2) The guy who marched under a confederate flag to the white house and then demanded that the first black president and his family come out with their hands up. 

3) The guy who even Ann Coulter thinks is racist.

Well played, guys. Well fucking played. 

Stop with this "We want our America back" nonsense.

“We want our America back.”
That’s what people like “Dr” Rand Paul like to proclaim.
Nobody took it from you, you mewling infant.
You weren’t mugged. It wasn’t stolen.
You lost it. Twice. In an election. Twice.
Because your ideas were rejected overwhelmingly.
So stop with the entitled whining, stop using the language of a victim, stop with the not-so-subtle racial undertones.
You may “want your America back” but your America was rejected… by America.
- Steve Marmel