…Jeb Bush isn’t repudiating his brother’s views. On the contrary, he is “embracing them — and emphasizing them.” Of course he is. There was never any reason to expect him to do anything else. Granted, it is politically foolish for any Republican candidate to endorse Bush-era foreign policy, but that doesn’t stop almost all of them from doing it. Being identified with George W. Bush remains a political liability whether any of these candidates wants to admit it. Being identified with one of the most costly and disastrous parts of the last administration’s record is even worse. It is harder for Bush’s brother to avoid being identified with that record than it is for other candidates, but he is making clear that he has no desire to distance himself from that record. He evidently doesn’t think there was anything seriously wrong with how his brother conducted foreign policy, and his candidacy should be judged accordingly.
Thus far, the GOP Presidential candidates are...

1) The guy who thinks “Whites only” businesses should be constitutionally protected

2) The guy who marched under a confederate flag to the white house and then demanded that the first black president and his family come out with their hands up. 

3) The guy who even Ann Coulter thinks is racist.

Well played, guys. Well fucking played. 

Stop with this "We want our America back" nonsense.

“We want our America back.”
That’s what people like “Dr” Rand Paul like to proclaim.
Nobody took it from you, you mewling infant.
You weren’t mugged. It wasn’t stolen.
You lost it. Twice. In an election. Twice.
Because your ideas were rejected overwhelmingly.
So stop with the entitled whining, stop using the language of a victim, stop with the not-so-subtle racial undertones.
You may “want your America back” but your America was rejected… by America.
- Steve Marmel


SIDESHOW: Sometimes there are other ideas that I think would be awesome. So think of these as guest blog entries from other sections of my brain.

This is from a Tumblr that doesn’t exist called RuPaul Rand Paul. All captions are quotes from drag performer RuPaul, and all pictures are of presidential hopeful Republican senator of Kentucky, Rand Paul.

Ted Cruz is running as a "courageous conservative." Which is why he's announcing his candidacy at an exclusively fundamentalist Christian university where he will courageously call for tens of millions of people to have their health insurance taken away; women to be deprived of their right to reproductive health care; immigrants to be stripped of any chance of attaining permanent legal status; and repealing sensible environmental laws. All while making children cry.