It’s Goosio, beloved friend to Maltese children everywhere!

This is the first of a couple of t-shirt ideas I’ve had. And thanks to a tablet, Illustrator, and the drawing desk I got for my birthday, I’ll be able to work on these ideas. If Google translate is correct, it says “It’s Goosio” in Maltese.

I have a 5K on Saturday

So I decided to jog it today.

First time I managed to jog the whole distance of a 5K without switching to walking. It makes me a little less nervous about my first 5K. I know now that it’s possible. I feel like I kicked today’s ass!

And though they probably don’t know it, thank you, Goosio and Cadet, for inspiring me. They ran a half marathon yesterday, which is amazing. And every time you guys post about running and your workout goals, it makes me want to run and set my own goals. We’ve got to have Pizza Club to celebrate our accomplishments! Well, after I have my accomplishment this Saturday.