The Night Shift has been renewed by NBC for a second season, which will likely air in summer 2015.

The Hollywood Reporter confirmed today that NBC will be renewing The Night Shift after solid ratings this summer. The show currently airs on Tuesday nights after America’s Got Talent. The current season is set to end on July 15 with only an eight episode arc. The show will likely return in the summer of 2015 with a longer run of 14 episodes.


World: Africa Apartheid government sought germs to kill blacks

A South African scientist has told the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that the apartheid government considered trying to develop a bacteria which would kill only blacks.

The former head of a military research laboratory, Daan Goosen, told the commission that the project had the backing of South Africa’s then Surgeon General, who described it as “the most important project in the country.”

Although the substance was never developed, Mr Goosen said that an unknown European scientist claimed to have developed a strain of bacteria in the early 1980s “capable of killing pigmented people”.  [Continue reading at BBC News.]

For further reading and research, see also Secrets & Lies: Wouter Basson and South Africa’s Chemical and Biological Warfare Programme



Gus and I had a great time in Venice! We saw San Marco Square, the Rialto bridge, and countless museums. We also got a ride in a gondola and admired all the beautiful alleys of this old city. This is a photo (and selfie) on the Grand Canal. Now off to Florence and then Milan to start classes!

Es ist wahrscheinlicher, dass wir in den nächsten zehn Jahren zweimal absteigen, als dass wir einen Pokal in den Himmel recken. Aber auf “wahrscheinlich” ist geschissen
—  Frank Goosen

In this outtake video, Temperance toils over what happens after class.

Watch more of the Temperance and Obella show.

Die-cast: Replicarz Blue Crown Special Indy 500 winners

Die-cast: Replicarz Blue Crown Special Indy 500 winners

Replicarz delivers 3 vintage Indy 500 winners in 1:43 scale

Bill Holland’s 1949 Indy 500 winner, the same basic car as Rose drove the two previous years, but in a brighter blue.

Before there were A.J. Watson or Frank Kurtis roadsters to dominate the Indianapolis 500 there were Lou Moore’s Blue Crown Spark Plug Specials.

These were blue (naturally) cigar-shaped front-wheel-drive, front-engine…

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