Lloyd Wears:

5 panel camping hat - NORSE projects
Outside Hoody - Wood Wood
Polka Dot Backpack - Stussy x Hershel supply Company
Civilian service green camo Chino’s - Garbstore
21 Jewel 300m Auto Submariner in Black PVD Steel -Military watch company
Blue Argyle socks - Burlington
Brushed suede Chukka’s - Models own

Why the NHL shouldn't stop the madness

Just a quick thought, why the hell would the NHL want to stop what’s been going on in the playoffs? IN all the suspensions and tom foollery that has gone on by my count only 2 guys have really been hurt, Alfredsson and Hossa, Alfredsson’s injury resulted from a bad hit so it’s unrelated to this streak of goonism. Hossa has yet to miss a game so it remains to be seen if Torres caused too much damage with his dirty hit, that was just on that side of dirty, run at normal speed it doesn’t look to bad slow it down though and the results are damaging. The rest of that crap is just fodder for commentators to comment on, players will play with the ultimate goal to win, they can put anything behind them if they have to. Look at Nashville and Detroit, ground zero for this crap this year, Webber smashed Zetterburg’s head into the wall at the end of game 1, but things never got out of hand, Webber stood up fought Bertuzsi and the teams moved on to have a really great series so far. Ofcourse the league has to find some way to regulate the players but the shouldn’t go overboard; but then again that Flyers Penguins game was the most watched non Cup game in league history getting a 2.2( i’m not sure what that means but I know it’s more than what NBC’s thursday night comedies get. Community ;( ). I hope the players just start policing themselves the way that hockey has done for decades, that i think would lead to the best balance of entertainment and punishment.