Kiss Me, try this~!

1. Go to Google Translate (
2. Wrote ” Is U-Kiss ever gonna die “
3. Translate it from English to Vietnamese.
4. Copy the Vietnamese result and re-translate it in English
5. Look at the result. ♥




*looks around the room* /crickets

*looks around the room again*

*looks once again to make sure there’s no one*

I love you Google! Will you marry me?

Two interviews from Italian music blogs: soundsblog, and

“We know that the videos are important but do not take them too seriously. We finished the video for the new single, “Fever”, but we do not want to ruin the surprise so there will anticipate anything!”
[um, thanks googletranslate ?]


My newest video :D

Google Translator

I started to write a fanfiction , a Jongkey one! but in my native language (spanish) so I wanted to show it to my england friend Jess ♥ she doesnt know spanish, so I propossed my self to translate it for her, IS SO FUCKING DIFFICULT D: and google translator its a shit TT-TT 

At the beginning: 

Me: oh , its ok I believe this ok , my friend will read it soon ! so excited 

*writing* - stupid example

me: el cielo es azul (the sky is blue)

google translator: *I will translate what ever I want* No chicken for you


Google translator words and sentences have no sense I hate it 


So now I see that translate its so fucking difficult but I will work hard, when I finish the first chapter I will upload it in my page 

Make way for The 2nd Epic of Klitschko!

We made another one xD…

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The Saga of Klitschko through Google Translate

Kia and I were messing around with google translate and here’s what we got…

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