So apparently there’s an Easter egg in Google maps that suggests traveling by dragon if you’re trying to get from Brecon Brecons in South Wales to Snowdon in Wales Amazingly, the trip is estimated to only take 21 minutes by dragon, and a whopping 3.5-hours via car. That is one fast dragon. How quickly do you think a dragon could get me to the nearest liquor store and back? That was a trick question, because if I call them and tell them I have a fire-breathing dragon, they better f***ing deliver.


Airport Art

These images show a small self-initiated project I am doing. 

I haven’t been abroad on an airplane since I was 3 years old. I have always wanted to go, I’ve always wanted to explore. My father travels all the time, for business, and I have long yearned to go with him. My mother always found a reason I couldn’t go! I’ve only been abroad a few times in my life, to Spain when 3 years old (airplane), France in year 7 (bus) and Amsterdam 2nd year of university (bus). 

Recently I have found myself being very intrigued in airplanes, I have been reading this:  I have also realised the *art* of airports on Google Maps. 

This inspired me to begin a collection of screenshots of airports and parts of them I find visually pleasing. It’s also making me want to travel more & more, hopefully I will somehow fit some in soon!


this is my first oil painting since being here. I finally caved and bought some oil paints because acrylics were frustrating me, despite their convenience. I wanted to make it larger than anything I’d done so far and wanted to make it based on more than one thing. This painting is based off 5 photos I’ve taken with my iPhone in the past month, plus a lil imagination. It felt great to use oils again and explore these images. I’m not sure if its done yet.