we're gonna make you pop-u-lar

here is a happy birthday to kat who managed - AGAINST ALL ODDS - to reel me back into this fandom. It’s a happy place to be right now so then this happened. SEE YOU IN A WEEK, BRAH.

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When Blaine Anderson moves to Lima the summer before his senior year of high school, his brother hands him a list that says ‘Cooper’s Guide to Being Awesome’. Blaine skims it over quickly to see things like “girls dig a little stalking” and “learn how to moonwalk” then immediately deposits it in his trashcan.

It gets him thinking, though, and the night before his first day of classes, he hunts online for some tips. It’s his last year of high school and he can start out fresh. He can be anything he wants. He can be anyone he wants.

He can be popular.

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STEP ONE: Get on the school team. Any team.

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Where the Heart Is

I was studying abroad and I met this guy who went to Yale, and I don’t even remember how we got into the conversation but he incorrectly stated that the heart was located on the left side of the chest. I said “It’s actually more in the center of the chest, just slightly left. Common misconception.” To which he replied “Uhm, no, it’s on the left. Why do you think we put our hand over the left side when saying the pledge of allegiance?” I explained to him that my father is a cardiologist and it’s definitely in the center of the chest, he then very condescendingly replied “Your dad is a cardiologist and you still don’t know where the heart is?!” A quick google image search on my phone shut him up real quick.