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Happy Mother’s Day to all the lovely mothers and mothering people out there who take care of us. Mother’s and Father’s day have already been happening elsewhere around the world, so here’s Father’s day too since I like seeing them together. I had loads of fun with this, even though the holidays have a bit of potential to be controversial. My intention was to take a very lighthearted and universal approach in hopes of just reminding everyone to celebrate the sometimes unsung heroes who care about us. You can see some of my process work [here!]

Google Doodle celebrating the birthday of astronomer Annie Jump Cannon (1863-1941).  Annie worked to develop the Harvard Classification Scheme which organized stars based on their temperatures and was a forerunner of modern stellar classification.


Smarties, have you seen today’s Google Doodle celebrating Smart Girl Nellie Bly? She penned an incredibly fierce rebuttal to a sexist column titled What Girls Are Good For, which claimed that women are best suited for domestic chores rather than work outside of the home.

This led to a career in investigative journalism, a trip around the world, and smashing the patriarchy.

Donde haya un árbol que plantar, plántalo tú. Donde haya un error que enmendar, enmiéndalo tú. Donde haya un esfuerzo que todos esquivan, hazlo tú. Sé tú el que aparta la piedra del camino.
—  Cita de Gabriela Mistral - Celebramos el nacimiento de esta poeta, diplomática, feminista y pedagoga chilena y la primera americana no estadounidense en ganar el Premio Nobel de Literatura -1945

We love today’s Google Doodle celebrating the 360th birthday of Bartolomeo Cristofori. Wait who? Oh, right, the man largely credited with inventing the piano. Cristofori was born on this date, May 4, 1655 in Padua, Italy. Though the instrument was not very well known in his lifetime, we can all appreciate its value and impact centuries later.