okay guys so google is doing this really cool project called made w/ code and it lets you make a 3D printed bracelet for free! you basically just have to put in what you want it to say and then google sends it to you in the mail!

naturally I made mine to say “follow tyleroakley

it’s really cool and you should all go make one! :)

We’ve grown so used to assuming that technology of this kind should make things crisper, cleaner, and more efficient that it’s a pleasure, a relief, even, to find an experience that is all but effortless in actual life instead slowed down and warped, complicated by the digital realm.
—  Alexandra Schwartz on Google’s initiative to take us on virtual trips through museums.
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Great news that Google has bought Lift Labs a tech company that makes an ‘assisted living’ product.

The Lift Labs device is a fork or spoon created to reduce tremor, by stabilising using internal mechanics to keep it steady. With Google behind it will have a big opportunities for reaching people worldwide and further development. NY Times has speculated that Google may have been interested because Sergey Brin’s mother has Parkinson’s disease and he has a genetic predisposition of developing it.

From NY Times:

Lift Labs’ founder and a handful of employees will join Google and work out of the company’s Mountain View headquarters.

Most people take eating for granted, but for the 11 million Americans with either essential tremor or Parkinson’s disease, the act of lifting a utensil can be harrowing, embarrassing and messy.

Lift Labs’ Liftware device – basically a vibrating spoon/fork that makes eating easier by counteracting the tremors with a bunch of little swivels – tries to ameliorate the condition.

“A lot of social interaction revolves around eating,” said Dr. Kelvin Chou, a neurology professor at the University of Michigan who has collaborated with Lift Labs. “It’s embarrassing for them, and they feel like people are watching them all the time. I’ve had patients say ‘Someone came up to me and said I should stop drinking.’ Things like that.”

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People with tremor might also want to check out the handsteady cup. 

Gmail and Google services including Search, Scholar, Maps, Translate, and Calendar have been largely inaccessible in mainland #China since June of 2014 — all were blocked just prior to the 25th anniversary of the protests at Tiananmen Square.

But exactly which government authorities set Internet censorship policy? A citizen lawsuit against China Unicom seeks answers.

Who Says You Can Block Google? Chinese Citizen Sues Telco, Demands Answers

This could be considered as biggest drawback of Android One smartphones

Android One smartphones have just been launched in India and they promise to bring a top-class smartphone experience at affordable prices. All the three smartphones from SpiceKarbonn and Micromax, have 4GB of internal storage out of which less than 2.3GB is available to users. That much storage should be enough to at least start using the smartphone but it turns out that users will have to buy a microSD card even if the available internal storage is unused.

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