Assange on Google’s ‘revolving door’ with state dept

source: http://rt.com

"Afshin Rattansi goes underground about the time WikiLeaks met Google. Julian Assange discusses the meeting he had in 2011 with Eric Schmidt and three others. Schmidt, now chairman of Google, was then a top executive. Assange maintains Google is in bed with the state department and also reveals the false allegations the US military made against WikiLeaks, which surfaced during the Chelsea Manning trial. Assange talks about Guardian gaffs, Glenn Greenwald, FinFisher spyware and the NSA’s rampant antics. The interview reveals ‘an extremely alarming phenomenon’: how more and more security-cleared Americans are joining the ranks of the ‘state within a state’ – 6 million to date. The interview wraps up with a discussion about the likely consequences for Scotland after the ‘No’ vote in their historic referendum."


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Support Phonebloks! A phone worth keeping by Dave Hakkens

Hiya, all! I was just informed about this awesome idea that’s named Phonebloks. It’s basically a “build your own phone” device!

From their website:

How it started: When Dave’s camera broke, and there was no means to fix it, he started to think about how one could design consumer electronics so that they would be easy to repair, easy to upgrade and long lasting. Trying to end planned obsolescence and reduce electronic waste streams. Modularity was, and still is, the answer. Beginning with the one of the fastest growing parts of these electronic waste streams, mobile phones, Phonebloks was born. Never intending to build a mobile phone ourselves, Phonebloks, as an idea, is a means to get the industry’s attention and to get it moving towards the best mobile phone for world and population”

Please watch this video too for a further explanation of the product: [x]