anonymous said:

I just found your blog. THIS IS THE GREATEST THING EVER!!! I'm fairly new to tumblr, any other good Shakespeare blogs to follow?

kia ora, darling. shakespeare people i follow are socialshakespeareeighttwotwopointthreethreemotherfuckingshakespeareshakesanklesoyouwanttobeashakespeareanasofterstage, goodticklebrain, and not focused solely on willy shakes artdalek and schmergo

but if you want to go all the way bluelineshakespeare has made a master post of all the shakespeare blogs on tumblr (since the last time they updated)


It’s been well-established that there’s lot of potential at the intersection of history and webcomics. Just ask Kate Beaton. There’s really no substitute for gentlemen and ladies of state and grandeur being drawn with squiggly lines as they go about changing the course of two-dimensional, three-panel history. To that point, who has been a greater collector of the great personages of history than William Shakespeare? When he wasn’t too busy being a gay man, or any number of women, or having serious jungle fever, or being legion (for apparently he was many), Shakespeare captured giants of history from Julius Caesar to Richard III to Pericles.

As such, that makes his work fertile ground for the sometimes droll, oftentimes hilarious work of one Mya Gosling, the author over at “Good Tickle-Brain.” This title, as Gosling is glad to inform us, is one of Shakespeare’s most delightfully absurd insults. It also serves as a good touchstone for the kind of referential humor she’s wielding in her three panel Shakespeare comics.

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