The meaning of (a trail runner’s) life

Et si tout commençait là...

Dear Runners, Friends, Dear GoodPeople,

Long time ago, I ran my first XC race. It was a cold rainy day of winter, I was scared. At the first turn after the starting line another kid stepped on my shoe. I lost it, fell on the rocky muddy ground and cut my knee open. I managed to finish the race with one shoe undone and a bleeding knee, I was 7 years old.
Against all expectations, this still remains one of the best memories I have about racing. Despite the fall, injury and position, my parents, close friends, coach and fellow runners were all there to cheer me up and teach me how to get back on my feet, literally, and stay motivated for the next races to come.

Firsts rarely go as planned in life, but as long as you are supported by the right people, your motivation and passion for the right things will never vanish, and you’ll get better and better along the way.

Two years ago, I took this insane bet that I could gather all the Good People of the world around one passion: RUNNING. I have thrown myself into it full swing, leaving everything behind. I have made mistakes, fell hard, been slapped in the face, taken countless “no”s, yet I learned from all of them. This hasn’t been fun everyday, but deep inside I still have a strong faith in the success of that project, because once again I am well surrounded by three dedicated and qualified friends.

In this quest to make GoodPeopleRun come true, I got the chance to meet you all. And for those encounters only, I am grateful already. You have been running partners, colleagues, advisors, friends and competitors who have all positively contributed to make this project, a better one.

Today, tuesday August 2nd, we publicly release GoodPeopleRun. I must admit I am anxious and scared like I was in the starting area of my first XC race. Only one thing has changed and gives me hope that this first time won’t be as painful. You, you all who stand by my side to help me give the ultimate push that will allow GoodPeopleRun to grow successfully.

If you didn’t get an Email, you can start registering here and become part of the GoodPeople.

We have given our best and put our hearts in it, and with your help and comments, we’ll keep improving it so we can all do what Good People do best. Run together.

Humbly yours,


Dear all,

After a lot of people have asked us, here is a preview of what you will be able to access on GoodPeopleRun.

The first page is the view of the search page that displays runners groups and events around your current location.

The second page is the view of a running group (still under construction), seen from the profile of “Martin GAFFURI”.

We hope that will raise your interest even more and hope to see you soon online

— Martin


Very cool and thrilling video recap about last weekend skyrace Cavalls del Vent.

New Year's resolutions, whatever...

In 2012, just like the years before and the ones to come,

most will watch while a few will act,
some will judge while others will listen,
believers will pray and non believers will have faith in themselves
dreamers will hope for good while doers will make it happen,
some people will lie to protect and other will tell the truth to hurt

Bottom line is people are people, haters will hate and lovers will love.

One sure thing is that runners are Good People, and in 2012 again, they will run!

So all I know is that like many of you I can already say that in 2012, I am a runner. For the rest, regardless of resolutions, only time will tell us…

All smiles


French athletes like to have fun… and look good naked!

La Silicon Valley, ou le Rêve Américain 2.0

Je reviens de 3 mois en Silicon Valley. Le but premier de ce trip était de comprendre et m’imprégner de cet éco-système où les limites de l’entrepeneuriat n’existent pas, vraiment pas.
Au gré de mes rencontres j’ai pu échanger avec des personnes brillantes et terriblement travailleuses. Tom, 19 ans, venait de lever 3 millions de dollars pour financer sa 9ème société. Les premières n’ont pas marché mais preuve que la persévérence paye, cette fois c’était la bonne. Situation aux allures de compte de fée pour un entrepreneur français comme moi, et pourtant loin d’être un cas isolé dans la Valley.

Alors pourquoi ce déphasage avec la France?
La triste réalité la voilà. Les mentalités en France sont frileuses et pointent du doigts l’échec d’un jour, que vous trainerez comme une étape négative de votre carrière.

La France abordera un entrepreneur avec la question “Es-tu certain que tu ne va pas te planter?’ là où la Silicon Valley l’abordera avec un “show me what you’ve got and let’s give it a try”. (montre moi ce sur quoi tu as travaillé et tentons le coup!)

Pour répondre à la France, si nous étions certain que cela marcherait, nous ne serions pas entrepreneurs… Ne nous voilons pas la face, il y a et il y aura toujours du risque lorsque l’on se lance dans quelque chose de nouveau. Mais le risque calculé est également ce qui génère l’activité économique et les emplois de demain.

J’aime mon pays plus que tout et j’en suis fier, mais cette entrevue des possibles dans un environnement effectivement favorable à le création de valeur me fait réaliser qu’on est vraiment en retard. Je le vois comme une opportunité, tout reste à faire.

Si vous êtes un entrepreneur français qui souhaitez aller en Silicon Valley, n’hésitez pas à me contacter et je serais heureux de vous donner des contacts et les quelques adresses incontournables.

— Martin

Western States 100 will be missing Kilian Jornet after a tragic ski mountaineering happening. This was part of Kilian’s project called Summit of my life.

Salomon Press release

It is with great sadness that we have learnt the death of Stéphane Brosse, in the middle of his challenge, ‘the grande traversée’ that he was sharing with Kilian.
Both loved the mountains, and knew each other for a long time sharing the same respect for one another.
‘La grande traversée’ was a project they had set up together, a challenge up to their passion and talent.
It is on the last part, just before going downhill, that the ridge they were on collapsed, taking stéphane within this spilling.
Kilian remained helpless whilst waiting for the rescue team.
All our thoughts go to Stéphane’s family in those difficult times.
We wish a lot of strength to Kilian to overcome this tragedy.
As Kilian wishes to stay with Stéphane’s family to support them, he will not be present at the Western State 100.
The Salomon Team

There is no words to heal this loss and all our thoughts go to Stéphane’s family, friends, and to Kilian.

The GoodPeopleRun Team

2012 Hardrock 100 entrants + Waiting list

Here is the list of the lucky winners at the lottery this year. By the look at the names, it should be a competitive one.

A - Z order:

Tim Adams
Darcy Africa
Honey Albrecht
Robert Andrulis
Kirk Apt
Darla Askew
Cam Baker
Jim Ballard
Jonathan Basham
Jerry Bloom
Steve Bremner
Scott Brockmeier
Gretchen Brugman
Levi Burford
Adam Byerly
Jared Campbell
Jim Campiformio
Noe Castanon
David Coblentz
Kerry Collings
William Cook
Bob Crowley
Dick Curtis
Aaron Denberg
John DeWalt
Mike Dobies
Dennis Drey
Mike Ehrlich
Scott Eppelman
Stuart Erskine
Elizabeth Everly
Leah Fein
James Ficke
Diana Finkel
Brian Fisher
Ernie Floyd
Geoffrey Foote
Clark Fox
Devin Gardiner
Susan Gardner
Susan Gebhart
Chris Gerber
Harris Goodman
Ken Gordon
Brett Gosney
Joe Grant
Dominic Grossman
Drew Gunn
Rich Haefele
Larry Hall
Corey Hanson
Garry Harrington
Jim Harris
Donnie Haubert
Mark Heaphy
Roy Heger
Rick Hodges
Sheila Huss
Kristina Irvin
Randy Isler
Shinsuke Isomura
Clemente Izurieta
Scott Jaime
Julian Jamison
Beat Jegerlehner
Jack Jewell
Brian Johnson
Christian Johnson
Cory Johnson
Lance Johnson
Dakota Jones
Betsy Kalmeyer
Kristen Kern
Robert King
Brad Koenig
Hal Koerner
John Koester
Jason Koop
Larry Kundrik
David LaDuc
Bill Losey
Kim Love-Ottobre
Dmity Lysenko
Ted Mahon
Glen Mangiantini
Brian McNeill
Karl Meltzer
Krissy Moehl
Tommy Mowchan
Warren Muldoon
Brian Murray
Ted Nunes
Barbara Heidi Olmer
Scott Olmer
Kerry Owens
Gareth Parker
Timmy Parr
Eric Payne
Nick Pedatella
Deb Pero
Steve Pero
Rollin Perry
Bud Phillips
Chad Piala
Don Platt
Jason Poole
Joe Prusaitis
Mauricio Puerto
Kris Quandt
Rickie Redland
Axel Reissnecker
Tom Remkes
Jennifer Roach
Geoff Roes
Todd Salzer
Doug Seaver
John Sharp
Billy Simpson
Alan Smith
Julian Smith
Charlie Sperry
Patrick Stewart
Edward Strickland
Doug Sullivan
Jon Teisher
Drake Tollenaar
Chris Twiggs
Diane Van Deren
James Varner
Ken Ward
Mike Weigand
Hans-Dieter Weisshaar
Steve Westlund
Jordan Whitlock
Adam Wilcox
David Wilcox
David Williams
Allie Wood
Blake Wood
Rodger Wrublik

100-Deep Wait List:

1 John Constan
2 David Hayes
3 John Hart
4 Rob Erskine
5 Kenneth Farley
6 Andy Jones-Wilkins
7 Tim Long
8 Scott Snyder
9 Martin Fritzhand
10 Loren Wohletz
11 Andrew Barney
12 Reid Delman
13 Whit Rambach
14 Simon Gilna
15 Nick Serfass
16 Anton Krupicka
17 Randall Dunn
18 Jeason Murphy
19 Ricky Denesik
20 Megan Finnesy
21 Harry Harcrow
22 Mike Farris
23 Gary Redwine
24 Mark Oveson
25 John Wojciechowski
26 Rhonda Claridge
27 Borkur Arnason
28 Tom Stockton
29 Joe Constantino
30 Stephen Young
31 Seth Hales
32 Liz Bauer
33 Tetsuro Ogata
34 Charles Leonard
35 Lewis Persons
36 Jeremy Pade
37 Jordan Hanlon
38 Charlie Vincent
39 Nathan Yanko
40 Jamil Coury
41 Garrett Graubins
42 Barry Oelrich
43 Lain Hughes
44 Colleen Ihnken
45 Todd Cook
46 Heather McNiff
47 Scott Rabb
48 Mark Moran
49 Neal Gorman
50 Thomas Schnitzius
51 Melinia Cabiles
52 Scott Kunz
53 Jeb Burchenal
54 Eric Lee
55 John Fegyveresi
56 Ian Farris
57 Michael James
58 Gary Lukacs
59 Andrew Heard
60 Chris Basford
61 Elizabeth Bouquet
62 David Wronski
63 Ryan McDonald
64 Mike Thomas
65 Travis Liles
66 Andrew Harding
67 Jean Francois Geiss
68 Chihping Fu
69 Kuni Yamagata
70 Flora Krivak-Tetley
71 Becky Wheeler
72 David Larson
73 Ryan McDermott
74 Craig Slagel
75 Bill Jordan
76 Scott Railton
77 David Brown
78 Paul Schoenlaub
79 Dwight Worthington
80 Jim Sweatt
81 Brian Holthausen
82 Jeff List
83 Chris Picon
84 Paul Ralyea
85 Paul Hooge
86 Jeff Browning
87 Masahiko Tamakami
88 Gregory Norrander
89 Chad Brackelsberg
90 Chris Rennaker
91 Troy Howard
92 Diana Widdowson
93 Daniel Brenden
94 Gretchen Evaul
95 Duane Nelson
96 Margaret Welk
97 Todd Gangelhoff
98 Kevin Twidwell
99 Allen Hadley
100 David Pease

Good luck to you all!

- Martin


Ce samedi 20 octobre, le site d’information des coureurs organisait en partenariat avec un Happy Run au bois de Boulogne.

GoodPeopleRun était évidemment sur place pour vous faire vivre l’évènement… Quel plaisir de voir toutes ces petites têtes parisiennes coiffées de vert !

Un Happy Run, c’est une séance d’entraînement communautaire ouverte à tous les niveaux.
L’occasion de se rassembler pour partager et échanger sur la course à pied, autour d’un ravitaillement offert par

D’autres Happy Runs seront organisés prochainement via GoodPeopleRun : RDV sur le groupe goodpeoplerun/runners-fr pour connaître les prochaines dates !

A bientôt!

Taking one’s time

Annecy train station, 6.15pm, clear skies with no soul in sight. This is where it hit me.

Unlike any other time I travel, I was on time, better I had time to kill before I’d take my train to Paris to meet few business partners for
So after I loaded my packs and found my seat, I wandered back outside to enjoy the fresh air. I looked around aimless, at the sunset, the last few rays of the sun highlighting the brown-red colors in the trees. Autumn’s here, I just noticed.

Recently, I have been forced to make time to do stuff. Take time off your sleep to get up earlier and catch up with an old friend around coffee before work, taking time off nights out with friends to get more work done, taking time off usual working tasks to focus on a critical one that needs everyone’s attention.
I have gladly made those decisions on how to best allocate my time, prioritizing an event or a task over another. The simple face to have a hole in my schedule, that sudden unexpected free time to do nothing and just be, felt so good.

Try it sometimes, doesn’t cost much and reminds you that life can be good if you take the time.

Study (click on the title to read it all) has shown that exercising in groups helps generating twice the endorphins we would develop exercising on our own, for the same effort.

So how can I find running partners to “get high” with? is a location based social network 100% dedicated to runners. The recently launched mobile app (released both on the AppStore and Google Play) brings you an answer in a matter of seconds.
You’ll be able to browse through the upcoming runs next to your location, contact the organizer and tag along.
The couch gets too comfy? Need motivation? Don’t want to run alone? Receive live notifications when a Goodpeoplerun member, located within 5k from where you are, is about to go for a run and get the motivation you needed to get out the door, and load up the endorphins!

You know all about your hood and always out? Plan a run in 3 easy steps: define a meeting point, select a running route in the area (optional), announce time and distance. Want to get locals involved? Hit “Shout” and all the runners with the Goodpeoplerun app will get a notification so they can join you.

So… wanna get high?

- Martin

Dream chaser who once lost his dreamer within...


The year 2011 comes to an end and so do my strengths…

It’s been another very intense year, paced with discoveries, new contacts, supportive people, talented professionals who have turned into trustworthy partners, but also paced with its fair amount of slaps in the face - some I even gave to myself - deceptions, and mistakes.

In an entrepreneur’s world, there is no such thing as a goal out of reach, limits, impossibles, as long as you are willing to make the effort, give all what you’ve got, go all in. With this fact in mind, we embrace the positive and stand in front of the negative, sometimes to a point where we push our limits, ignoring the physical warning signs…

In a way, the success of our startup becomes our dream - quite naturally, it’s our baby - and as the ultimate goal of ours, we strive to achieve that dream.
Sure we expect bumps along the way but as long as we can learn from them, keep the chin up and a positive attitude, then we are still winning.

Lately though, it’s been tougher than usual. Quite unexpectedly since the future of GoodPeopleRun has never been so bright - more on this later.
Less and less running to keep my life balanced. More and more work that I wasn’t familiar with, thus time consuming with a constant feeling of not getting much done. Quite frankly a lack of social interactions also directly affected negatively my already declining mood.

But as I feel I have everything to be the happiest guy in the world, why was my mood declining in the first place?


Last night was the worst and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Runners are not quitters - except extreme cases - but when it comes to life, certainly not.
So just like when you’re bonking during a running race, you have to step back, evaluate the situation to find what’s wrong, fix it and go again. I did. Realized. Understood.

I was chasing the wrong dream.

You see, as satisfying and thrilling driving your own project is, see it rise and grow successfully, calling it a dream would be a misuse of language. A working position will never be a dream - as least in my perception of things.
I am not saying that I do not work with passion, that I don’t throw my heart into GoodPeopleRun, simply I have realized that getting closer to this goal wasn’t enough to make me happy.


A dream, is by definition something you would like to have, a place you would like to visit, an experience you’d like to live, a goal you’d like to achieve… But as happy this something makes you, amazed this place you visited leaves you, contented that experience makes you, or fulfilling to achieve that goal it is, once you had it, it’s not a dream anymore.
It becomes reality.

Much harder to get excited about chasing reality, right?

What I am trying to tell you all, is that throwing our emotions and heart into work to a certain extend is good, it’s almost mandatory. However, there is a fine line not to cross. A point where we let ourselves down, sit on our self esteem, leave our own dreams behind, to put it all into our company so it can benefit of all those positive attitudes, you’ll end up loosing yourself. I had lost myself.


The outcome of all this, is that I miss that funny self confident mofo who’d say yes to anything and would bring everyone onboard regardless of the journey. This young man - or old kid - who used to be mentioned as being “the heart and soul of an event” or “the one who people notice as he walks into a room” - and not only the times he’s running in his boxers with a tie around his forehead!

So enough of that. I have been christened The Goat for a reason and time has come for me to be The Goat again, and bring back my A game!!
From now on I’ll be chasing my personal dreams and be myself simply because it will bring back the best out of me to carry on the battle to make GoodPeopleRun successful.

So to all of you entrepreneurs out there - or even all people with a personal project - do not give up, keep up the efforts and your passion for what you do, and most importantly keep chasing your dreams… as long as they are yours.

All smiles