Being wanted is easy but being deserved is much more difficult. I don’t pay attention to the fact that someone desires me, the question is…do you deserve everything within myself that I have to offer. People out here always bringing up the fact that if they’re significant doesn’t want it, someone else does. This statement doesn’t bother me, especially when I know there are different types of wants and desires. If we’re together, I’m with you because I value you. As a man, I’m aware of what outs there as far as options for women and of course I like me over any other man out there because I value a woman. You can have a million people wanting you but do they deserve you, do they value you? Do they respect your my mind, your life and who you are? Think about it… #visualsinsays #quotes #truth #facts #love #goodmen #goodwomen #goodmorning #realwoman #realwomen #relationships

A phat ass may look nice 😩😩👀 but will it predetermine the value of my relationship? Hell no. What I find attractive is a strong woman, someone with the ability to love, someone whom I can trust, I found what I was looking for in @sweetness0703 and ended up with a woman with a body that matches her beautiful mind. A phat ass is basic in terms of qualifying someone as dateable. Ladies, dreads, tattoos, jewelry, muscles etc has nothing to do with the quality of a relationship. Though you may find something attractive, just because it looks good doesn’t mean it’s good enough for you. You end up in a basic relationship because you want basic shit. Men and women, when you dig deeper, you discover those who are actually worth your time and will often add value to your life and relationship. You can’t choose who you love but you do you have a choice in whom has the opportunity to receive it. No more basic shit, dig deeper! #love #visualsinsays #shifttheculture #writersmovement #writersofig #goodmen #goodwomen #goodmorning #realwoman #realwomen #realmen #relationships