omg duncan and zoey would be all oedipus complex shit which is falling for someone who reminds you of your mom

i can imagine duncans mom and zoey getting along so well omg

imagine them getting their hair done together and shit

looking at duncan’s baby pictures (zoey would DIE)

duncans mom telling zoey all about duncans childhood and zoey would be SO interested she would love it and think it was adorable

and duncan’s mom feeling hopeful and happy because it looks like zoey’s driving duncan into the right direction because she can see duncan’s soft side slowly coming out again

duncan’s mom feeling hopeful that….duncan and his father could possibly finally get along and love each other again soon….


goodbyeeeeeeeeeeeee I give up I don’t understand anything I don’t want to have feelings for you anymore but I do just ask me out again dear lord please oh my god oh my fucking god what does ditto mean I know the literal meaning but what does it mean in this context