Ok, I’ve been saving this for a special occasion. Being Sunday night and all I thought it was the right occasion. Rated #8 in the world on - this puppy should have blown me away, right? I’m a hop head so I don’t fully understand Belgium’s, it was nice, but #8? So the beer is more complex than me maybe. Not the first time I’ve heard that… by mattemmerson_iv

From Somerset in the uk, seriously good black ipa, US style, really well balanced, only 4.7%, nice to have something that’s not trying to beat the world ABV record and still tasty as hell. And great to have something from the uk that doesn’t taste like it’s from the UK - not that there’s anything wrong with that. Brewdog without the attitude maybe? by mattemmerson_iv

Finally got my hands on a few cans of this gear - damned delicious. Still not totally sold on cans as a concept for good beer but I could be convinced otherwise with another 8 samples. Good on you!!! by mattemmerson_iv