Lucinda with her racing outfit screencaps - In a Tizzy (Sofia the First)


Okay, maybe Lucinda hasn’t do that much on “In a Tizzy”, but I still quite liked her on it mainly because I loved both her racing outfit and her glasses, which made her to look like an adorkable little witchet (and also, the funny moment between the race announcer and Luci).

So, here are some screenshots of her wearing that outfit, which I hope we’ll see again on another chapter (yes, I know that possibly we won’t see Lucinda again with that outfit, but anybody can dream, right?)

hedge witches
liaroflesbos: witches that own bakeries and greenhouses, who have gardens on their apartment’s roof, who have etsy’s selling luck potions and beauty pendants, who make potions in their sink and think of their mother’s hands, soft and wrinkled, creating life and love in the way their family always has.


Surprise inevitable Sofia the First cover happened today

"Wow, i’ve made so many new friends in just a few days, I guess it does pay off to be a good little witch. And hey, if it wasn’t for Sofia i’d still be Hex, Hex, Hexing the village kids! Now, instead of hexing them, I do little good things to try to make up for all the bad stuff I did."

((OOC note: I thought it would be hard to get a start on tumblr, that nobody really liked Sofia the First, but luckily, I was wrong. Hopefully, I know enough about Rp to do one if i’m asked. And I look forward to having a lot of fun here.))

(This will be OOC) Hey! So i’m the new kid on the block, huh? Well, I guess I should start by telling you what my blog will be all about. (and maybe get a few of you to follow?) My blog will be fairly simple, 

1. Help the Sofia Fandom become bigger and a lot more active. (meaning uploading HQ songs with my knowledge of editing, and generally being helpful, hopefully) 

2. A bit of RP, I used to do a fair bit and would like to get back into the swing of things. 

3. Three (and four and five) are for all the other ideas I might get. If people want, I can do episode reviews or maybe I could make this into a draw blog eventually, whatever you wish. 

In short, I adore this show, it has a lot going for it and I only want to see it to get better and better. Of course, if it’s a slow day I might post other things but i’ll try to keep it Disney related. ANYWAYS, I want to thank you all who took the time to read this and hopefully we can all become friends, it’s nice to have a lot of friends.


I absolutely love this song.


NYCC 2013: Good Smile Company x Little Witch Academia

The one that drew my eye was from the adorable Little Witch Academia, and when we asked the representatives they confirmed that they do indeed have something from the show in the works! They wouldn’t tell us what, or even from which company (so it could be something as banal as a set of minifigures from Phat!) but it seems like Academia‘s tenacious and vocal fans are finally getting their wish.

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I just discovered this food app and it got so many persian and indian recieps.  I love that food. Makes you wonder why we dont use fruit and herbs in our dishes. Food could be so delicious and healthy. You could say that’s the climate and stuff doesnt grow here. Youd be suprised. My mother in law knows a damn lot about plants and their use in the kitchen (and as meds). Same goes for grandma. Taking a walk with them you’d think you can eat almost every living plant ever (unless its poisoned i guess haha) all you need to know is what parts have a unique, somewhat spicey taste.

Today’s the Season Finale of “Sofia the First”, and the best of all, in two of those three chapters, Lucinda’s gonna be there!

So let’s get on the hype broom and hope that those episodes are gonna be great, and that they gave Luci a decent role in those!

(And I’m pretty sorry if I’ve annoyed all of you because I’ve said once and once again that about Luci, but believe me, I can’t wait to see her on those episodes).

witches-teatime asked:

(Oh no, I hope you'll feel better soon D:) GonKillu AU where they both have been dating for a while, but one day Killua's brain went kaput and only remembered up until the day just before he met Gon and can't retain any new memories after that. Everyday Killua will always forget Gon, and everyday Gon always introduce himself. Yes or no? :3