I’m super proud of Jin, he has improved so much. 

Look at the dance practice he’s gotten so good at dancing, look at the live performances he’s gotten so much more confident and his voice is stronger. look at the mv his acting is fucking A+. 

He is killing it this comeback, and I don’t think enough people are talking about that


The sandy hair soldier glanced down at his hands, wringing them together as he spoke. His blue eyes were soft and glazed with an emotion that you’ve never seen on him. Steve was usually confident and professional around others, always giving off a good impression. But here, with you, he let down a few of his walls. “It just seems so hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong these days.”

You titled your head, compassion speared your heart like an arrow. You laid a hand on his shoulder; a simple comforting gesture that seemed to make a difference. Steve looked up at you, confusion giving way to hope. “Steve, you just have to follow your heart. No one can tell you what’s right, except yourself.”

The corner of Steve’s lips turned up in a small smirk. He nodded, your words resonating in him in a way you never thought they could. “I’ll try to listen to my heart.” He said quietly. “Thanks.”

anonymous asked:

Do you do a good Hiccup voice impression at meet ups and stuff?

If someone comes up to me and calls me Hiccup i will be in character, but as soon as someone calls me Jii, I break it. But yep, I do do the voice and the whole Hiccup package for those who really wanna see it!.


[TRANS] 150502 ‘The Baby From Universe’ Production Staff Member’s Weibo Update: 

“When I woke up this morning I was shocked, can’t help but reveal a bit to fans… Yixing is exceptionally polite on site, every time when he comes and goes, he will greet the staff, his performance also improves very quickly, he is often praised by the director, the staff all have a very good impression of him, no pretense at all, and when he is resting, he will put on his earphones and practice singing, dancing~ Very hardworking! Also, thanks to Yixing’s fans for the delicious food”

my review over aou

heh that rhymed, okay so super spoiler ridden and yeah. Ima have a throw everything but this spoiler free “over all” under the cut.

So, over all: The movie was actually really good, like i’m impressed bc tumblr made it seem like trash but everyone’s super salty on here so yeah. Natasha’s characterization was so watered down and gross, and i would have liked brucenat better if it was slow burn, other than that it was really good. not like tws good but good, i’d see it again. NOW FOR MORE DETAILED STUFF

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“kylie jenner buys mansion at age 17″ doesn’t impress me for a lot of reasons. if you wanna impress me, talk about how 16 year old amandla stenberg speaks like a race scholar or how 18 year old zendaya is becoming a fashion icon

Loser MV

Wow, what an emotional ride that was, sheesh. But that weren’t just blank feels.. There were some intense, complicated ideas there.

G-Dragon was, as usual, the Lonely Man. In a vibe that was highly reminiscent of the Crooked MV, he wandered about looking dazed, and numb. Eventually, the emptiness of his heart bled out into the emptiness of the streets. And then, he was truly alone.

Taeyang was truly fascinating. He seemed to be the man who clutched to an impossible ideal–i.e. that of never sinning. He has isolated himself in order to avoid sin, but sin finds him anyway. And then he either metaphorically fell into sin, or he committed because he had broken his ideal.

Seungri was the typical, jealous boyfriend. Nothing too unusual there, but he pulled it off very well. There was some lovely subtle camera work with his parts, and an almost frightening calm in his demeanor, even when violent.

And then the truly heartbreaking ones: TOP and Daesung. I can’t decide which was worse. Daesung was the boy who wanted to be strong for his girl. She gave him a neckerchief, which, echoing the medieval tradition of a lady giving her knight a ribbon, seemed to imply to him that he had to be stronger for her, and worthy of her love. But he wasn’t strong enough. He was violently beaten, and the neckerchief flung on his face in a cruel mockery.

And then TOP. The icy man in a cold, sterile world. And he’s finally accepted someone into it– a girl. But her touch repels him. Perhaps she is unclean, perhaps she does not fit his world. But either way, he becomes mad at her, and kills her. And now, he is the one who is unclean. Covered in her blood, he staggers down the street as his world comes crashing around him.

They are all Losers in the literal sense of the word; they have become lost.


#look at these adorable little idiots #being all cute and nervous on their first date #wanting to make a good impression on each other #as if they weren’t already in love with each other #trying to be all normal #elena wanting to impress him with her food choices #damon making mental notes for future dates #the cuteness is too much

Things I’ve learned this weekend:

Waiting in line for nearly an hour to meet Benedict Cumberbatch can be surprisingly fun

Do not mess with Loo Brealey on the subject of women in the media

Lara Pulver has princess hair and possibly the biggest eyes on earth

ahobbitinhogwarts is mega cute and seduces everyone probably

Mark Gatiss is mega tall (and has his beach body ready)

Bad photoshop is the funniest thing on earth

Andrew Scott loves calling people pet names

ladycharliem does a ridiculously good impression of Andrew

Steven Moffat is actually ridiculously funny and doesn’t say as many inappropriate things as we’re led to believe

Spending a weekend with hundreds of other fans and talking to total strangers about your favourite actors is actually super fun, no matter how much my feet ache at this point