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excuse me, what episode is post/104420968747 from?


that’s actually my fanart

jkjk it’s a 4-minute bonus clip that was included in the endless parade concert blu-ray

i haven’t seen any english subs, but here’s the nicomaki part of it

i got limited knowledge of spanish let alone japanese but apparently it’s maki trying not to be too excited about the audience wanting an encore, nico being like “but you really are happy about it right(;” and maki’s just like ////// WELL OF COURSE BUT–

but don’t take my word for it lmao

the full scene was on youtube but it got blocked wtf so if anyone would like to add a mirror or something, pls be my guest. 

edit: u can download it here (italian subs tho)

so this is the tumblr user formerly known as vortisaurus
“I caught the sight of someone
 Someone I didn’t recognize,
 Suddenly, I realized I was looking into a mirror.
 The mirror reflected myself within it.“

( click for better resolution),   Part 1

i was tagged by astrologycas for the 20 beautiful people challenge thanks dude!
apparently you’re supposed to upload four pics of yourself if you’re tagged but i’m lazy and i don’t have four whoops.

And you absolutely don’t have to do it if you don’t want to ^_^
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