Remember when Kelly Rowland said on txf that “y’all should hear them acapella” (week 5 I remember) because they “sound CRAZY”. Let’s listen to this great advice rn, here’s a (big) bunch of videos of Little Mix singing acapella (originals and covers, in kinda chronological order) : 

(PS: @LittleMix do more acapellas)

(oh and PPS: @Syco @Sony let them do an acapella album)

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Yes, the same thing will happen to you. It might take centuries, but sooner or later Hell will burn away your humanity. Every Hell-bound soul, every one turns into something else. Turns you into us.


They drove 1,000 miles for an Ozzy show, two days for a Jayhawks game. And when it was clear, they’d park her in the middle of nowhere, sit on the hood, and watch the stars for hours without saying a word.

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#SPN10 countdown challenge  |  day 21 - season 5, episode 2

I know you don’t trust me. Just, now I realise something. I don’t trust me either. From the minute I saw that blood, only thought in my head… and I tell myself it’s for the right reasons, my intentions are good, and it, it feels true, you know? But I think, underneath… I just miss the feeling. I know how messed up that sounds, which means I know how messed up I am. Thing is, the problem’s not the demon blood, not really. I mean, I, what I did, I can’t blame the blood or Ruby or… anything. The problem’s me. How far I’ll go. There’s something in me that… scares the hell out of me, Dean.