Information: I follow and unfollow blogs rather freely, so I just wanted to make sure that no one thinks it’s because I dislike them or takes it personally. If I have unfollowed you, the reason might be that;

- my interest have changed and I’m changing my dash to match

- we follow a lot of the same people, so my dash is filled with the same posts often

- I just have to many things on my dash and can’t keep up

- mobile tumblr accidental unfollowed you without my knowledge

- or perhaps you expressed opinions like that ace and bi- people shouldn’t be part of queer spaces in which case you can take it personally because I think your opinions are shitty and probably don’t like you much byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

saying that bi people in opposite sex relationships have privilege is like saying that gay people who are in the closet have privilege. having people automatically assume you’re straight and having to hide yourself for safety and having your identity stolen from you is not a privilege.

     recoil. real close to my next milestone tho!!!!

anonymous asked:

it makes me uncomfortable how you talk about that fdtd fic. it might be horrible, but does it really deserve so many posts making fun of it? wasn't everyone immature at one point and loved ridiculous plots? making fun of someone's spelling also isn't the greatest thing to do. they might be esl, they might be dyslexic or they might just not know how to spell certain things. honestly, who cares? you come off as if you're putting yourself above the author, in a vile "i'm better than you" way.

oh boy. for starters, if ive made you uncomfortable by all means, block me pls. or unfollow or whatever you need to do. im not trying to make your dash or whatever else unpleasant.

as for what the fic does or doesn’t deserve, since it was a liveblog that guaranteed a certain number of successive posts at least. if you feel the quantity was excessive, well i guess that’s a matter of perspective. i did tag my blogging so that it was blockable.

the authors spelling, to their credit, had zero problems until it came to spanish. it could be a reading disorder that only applies to non standardized english but i do feel its more likely to be lazy american nonsense. and yes the writer was white and american.

and as for who cares, well, we do. this entire exercise may seem purposeless to you. and i could understand why, who sits and reads shit they hate to dogpile on it with their friends? that should be the definition of bullying.

except, my friend who rec’d this? she reads everything in the fdtd tags and ao3. she’s seen every offense and every bit of fuckery thats come through since hte series premiered. and it was her who pointed out that this fic is both symbolic and symptomatic of every last problem in the from dusk till dawn fandom. 

and it is not the immaturity. it is not the silly plot. we wouldn’t bother reading it if its only problem was that it was unpolished in its craft. it is abusive. its racist. it is misogynist. and i think was pisses me off the most was how thoroughly it erases the existence and humanity of poc in order to create an all white lens for a show based on meso american mytho, latin american settings, and the presentation of brown ppl.

and if you find my ego or lack of tact more vile than that, well there’s nothing more for us to talk about stranger.


idk this is the first time i could look in a full length mirror in years without feeling disgusted. yes, i am overweight. i accept that. yes, my hair is stuck up at the back. that i don’t accept. my hair would be better if i’d had longer to get ready.

but this is me

i’m not hiding myself. love me or not, this is what i look like. and you don’t have to like it, but i hope you can at least accept it as the truth. i guess i felt odd as if my selfies were “lies” because they’re flattering. well, whatever.

this is how i look usually, not from great angles and extra make up. it’s me out for a bite to eat with my mum. i am a human being with thoughts and feelings who wnat you all to know how important you are, regardless of how you look or are judged by others.

which is why i’m posting this because usually i wouldn’t have glanced at the mirror. this is who i am and i am not ashamed.

and i am proud of myself for being a kind, loving person.


“My smile is always straightforward and pure!”
happy birthday elise! (・ω・`*)♡


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