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You are smart and kind and beautiful and important.

please stop sending me these kinds of asks stop telling me things about myself that are blatantly untrue you only know the part of me i put online and everyone who knows me irl agrees im a lazy stupid piece of shit and barely puts up with me so all this ask is telling me is that im good at lying

There was one thing that Evelyn was grateful of, as she sat in her hospital bed with her arm and shoulder strapped up, was the fact that they gave her morphine to take away the pain. Sure it clouded her mind a little bit, made her feel a little giddy but it was better than lying there in pain. The blonde had tried to get herself up, not too good at just lying in bed all day, but things were incredibly hard when she couldn’t move her right arm at all, and so she’d given up trying, deciding on taking a nap. It was when she woke back up that she heard shuffling near the door and titled her head in that direction, “Hi?” 

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Do u have any tips for writing characters who are good at manipulation and are good at lying? Thanks!!

  1. Good liars are able to forget that they’re lying. That is, they throw themselves wholeheartedly into the lie that they’re telling. 
  2. Good liars know how to use bits of truth to their advantage. 
  3. Good liars and manipulators know how to rely on the emotions of the person they’re lying to - whether they rely on that person’s greed, sense of shame, good nature, etc. There’s a reason the “con” in “con artist” is short for “confidence”. 
  4. In that same vein, it’s a misconception that good liars are “sociopaths” who don’t understand human emotion. Good liars and manipulators rely on having a good understanding of emotion in order to twist it to their advantage. 
  5. Good liars don’t volunteer everything all at once. They may have a ready backstory available, but they let the person they’re lying to “pull” it out of them. Volunteering too much information makes you look suspicious and pushy. 

all i’m gonna say is that Stana Katic deserves all the happiness in the world so whether or not this thing is real, please don’t let your deluded mind over a ship cloud your judgement because if she finds happiness with this person, shouldn’t we be okay and be happy for her? instead of bitching because LOVE KNOWS NO BOUNDS.

Do you have any idea how hard Levy worked to gather intell for this mission, an’ we get here and the fighting’s over with?! I’m breaking someone’s damn legs! FUCK!!!! *Chops down half the forest with his giant blade*

*Punches the air* I feel a bit better now, whew, glad I don’t get too worked up over cartoons ~.~


Aokuro: The Game [1/?]

Your name is Aomine Daiki, Touou’s ace and a monster when it comes to basketball. Your life is pretty good - winning matches, skipping practice, lying on the roof and sleeping. But shadows from the past have been haunting your dreams, and when a particular shadow reappears before you and refuses to go away, you will have to decide once and for all what it is that you hold dear, and what you’re not willing to let go of, ever again.

How to tell if you're obsessed with shizaya
  • Friend:I saw some adorable kittens the other day.
  • You:Was there shizaya?
  • Mom:Sweetie it's time for dinner.
  • You:Is it shizaya?
  • Teacher:Today we are going to learn more about the revolutionary war.
  • You:Ma'am I have a question.
  • Teacher:What is it?
  • You:Did it involve Shizaya?
  • If any of this is you then you are definitely obsessed and there is nothing wrong with that because this is also me and shizaya is great.