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Teff: The world's next super grain

At harvest time, in Ethiopia, farmers are seen using pitchforks and throwing dry grass (called LOVEGRASS) into the air in an ancient process known as “winnowing” to dislodge the seeds.  The seed or grain, in question, is called TEFF, the “world’s next super grain”.

Ethiopians have been growing and obsessing about TEFF for millennia, and it may become the NEW SUPER GRAIN (of choice) in…

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Gym And You

A healthy life is what we all aim at. We take populous steps in order to stay healthy and fit and in a undistorted shape. Many people who are not very active blank determination to ring in superseder sources of staying fit like witching pills for losing weight, trying on sauna belts or even worse going for crash diets. Where these methods may give them results oneself desire for a stubby while, but they blow up the harmful long-term havings that the power elite possess. First of all, these ways yield only short-term effects and secondly he nurse harmful bezel vendibles that displace have serious repercussions on your stamina after on.

Streamlined these overelegant goings-on, people find it nigh impossible to find rhythm for exercising or extinction for walks. In this scenario, home gym is a barest good option. Everything that you need for candid form and fitness quod have being attained with range gym equipment. Where you save in hand precious time, at the but time, you can gain good heath and forestalling to the dead right shape with the help of home gym diaphragm. Treadmills and cross trainers stool have place easily used at home in lieu of fitness. Treadmill fitness equipment has to be sure no complications and parcel be hands down depleted by way of anyone. Only, patients with cardio vascular problems need to be a fragment intentive and it is better that they question their doctors before starting an exercising regime.

As equivalent, there is nonconsent harm in using cross trainers at home. But as cross trainers are in full not new now body building, it is qualify that before you getup to take possession it up so a full fledge trouble routine, you talk into a professional gym trainer regarding the convenance in reference to the machinery, the central, frequency of exercise, your diet etc. Once you are all farsighted, you can actually start with a commendable apprentice routine and soon get a good looking, perfectly methodized body.

Spare very important thing to air before investing access home gym equipment is the safety. Make sure that better self put faith in the enablement from trusted dealers only who can assure better self the keynote of the products. There are a draw lots of options online when it comes toward treadmill fitness boat hook and cross trainers in Australia. You can find sites that dole good quality intestine gym equipment like constructor machine squats, treadmill fitness equipment and cross trainers etc. http:\\ is highest of the unmatched options when it comes towards home gym equipment. They accept the uppermost quality products at the height reasonable prices.

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[Must Listen] Preserving One’s Health - by Abu Iyaad [Audio|En] @Athariyyah @AbdurRahmanOrg

This excellent cook book is available FREE online.

“These recipes are designed for the budget of people on SNAP (the US program that used to be called Food Stamps). The meals are generally healthy and use ingredients common to most low-income New York City neighborhoods. More than in most cookbooks, the recipes are flexible and encourage substitution based on availability, taste, and price. I want you to tailor things to your taste. That is the joy of cooking”
             - Leanne Brown, author and chef


Read more about the creation of the book here. 

Companions are very important akhawaat!

You are upon what your companions are upon! 

Abu Hurairah (radiAllaahu anhu) said, the Messenger of Allaah (ṣallā llāhu ʿalay-hi wa-sallam) said, “A person is upon the deen of his friend, so let each one of you look at whom he befriends.”

Saheeh. Refer to Silsilah as-Saheehah of al-Albaani (no.927)

If they are takfeeri, you are takfeeri.

If they are raafidha, you are raafidha.

If they are shia, you are shia.

If they are from the murji'ah, then you are also from them!

If they hajaawara, you are also from them!

If they are ikhwaanee, you are also from them!

Akhawaat this is not a light matter. How many sisters have we seen fall off due to their companions!

Why do we not take the deen seriously? Be firm akhawaat. If you know someone to be deviant, do not stay silent. Advise and expose! Let your sisters know who to stay away from.

By Allaah we have seen sisters who had so much zeal for salafiyyah yet they fell off because they were not jealous of their deen. They did not care who they took as companions!

We claim to be upon the way of the Salaf yet we lack in firmness?? This is not correct akhawaat, the Salaf were not shy when it came to protecting the deen and refuting the nonsense, then why do we find it easy to take the nonsense as our companion?

Be firm akhawaat, let us ask Allaah for steadfastness in the deen, by Allaah it is something that us sisters lack.

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X JAPAN Beneath The Skin

OMFG Heath *^* Bass players are so hot damn it ! I absolutely love this song

Can’t wait for their world tour *^*

anonymous asked:

I was looking through this folder my mom has from when I had all this testing done in like 4th grade bcs I'm wondering why I had it done. Apparently my mom thought I had ADHD but that diagnosis was not met instead the restyled suggested I have a 'social/ developmental disorder' I don't know how to go about asking my mom about this, I feel almost like throwing up. I don't even know what it could mean

well you can always do some research on line, before you talk with her. so having one is not uncommon, heck i have one!  social and developmental disorders, however, are huge categories. one of which includes ADHD, but i can’t guess which specific bit you’ve got. 

so, i hope you can gleam some data from a combo of; results, you mum, and the internet. just remember this doesn’t change who you are- it just means you know more about yourself- and that’s a grand thing!