good dog


Good Dog

This is a 10-page story that I started in the summer, worked on a bunch fall semester, and finally finished recently. So that’s why it looks a little inconsistent, haha. Turns out, working on side projects during your senior year is hard.

My cell phone snap of the day: A Westie goes for a stroll in The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach Gardens, FL.

Dog strollers allow people to bring their small dogs shopping with them at the mall, as dogs are not allowed to walk in the mall on a leash, but can be inside the mall if in a carrying case or some device whereby their paws aren’t in contact with the ground. Pet stores sell dog strollers to get dogs legally into the mall.

A cute Westie!

Amazing Dog in China Pushes Her Disabled Human to Work Every Day

Ma’nao and his dog, Big Yellow, have gained popularity in their home town of Magou village, China. Ma is the local shoe shiner, and has been living alone with his dogs for the past 40 years. He is also widower with no children, but his loyal dogs have kept him company all these years. Big Yellow, named by the locals, was born to another of Ma’s dogs two years ago. She has been by his side since.

Ma suffered from Polio at the young age of six, and lost the use of his legs. Not making much money, Ma constructed a makeshift wheelchair for himself. Though the wheelchair helps, it is hard for Ma to maneuver on his own. That’s where his amazing best friend comes in. Big Yellow has taught herself to help push her dad to and from work every day.

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