• Mycroft:I'm not lonely, sherlock
  • Sherlock:how would you know?
  • The moment you realize:sherlock would know because he used to be lonely. but he knows what it's NOT like to be lonely because he has John and he thinks John is so amazing and wonderful and he wants to shag him thank you all for your time spent in johnlock hell but we not longer need to worry about it because it's canon bye

So this morning I took a selfie before work because I treated myself to some badass new lipstick. MAC Smoked Purple; for my makeup girls *wink* and so I’m feeling pretty fine already. Then I get to work and have a few of the girls comment on my dress, and a few on the lipstick. Then my best work friend says to me ‘You look like a fabulous, sassy as fuck Vampire Queen’ which utterly made my day. All black everything! THEN an old lady who came into the store told me I looked lovely. And I post this selfie on my social media sites and one of my ‘women crush friends’ (you know that one you know through someone else, who is then kind of a friend but you don’t know very well but still think they’re like a unicorn and amazing) comments and says that I am ‘so fucking fierce’ and that she loves me. GAH! Literally floating on a cloud of women empowering and loving/praising other women. Makes me so happy that I’m not the only one who dishes that kind of thing out. Lovelovelove 💜

Long story short. Best. Day. Ever.

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