(all photos from Freight Freitas)

Decided to show off anon’s ‘muddy snakes’. The top left is a green/silver pair, top right is clutch results.

Freitas also created the oxyjansen hybrids, in which he theorized that the jansensi was just another color morph of the oxycephala species (second row images is pure jansen, sulawesi and selayar pure black). The resulting snakes hatched out green and ‘normal’, and would go through a color change to the amazing adult you see at bottom. IIRC, the hybrids were also calmer animals like their janseni parentage, and were pretty easy to keep.

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Right, so. Probably not gonna be doing videos for asks anymore after that. Spent a pretty significant chunk of my day doing this only to feel like it’s wasted thanks to the anon hate. Just going to hope that the hate wasn’t the original asker, because otherwise this sucks (actually it still sucks, since future asks have been a little ruined now).

Anyway. Still doing this post.  Regarding this ask. 

Sorta just tried to give a quick overview of everything in the vid (in which I still suck at public talking), and I wanted to touch on some stuff more in text:

-(lol when I say a little over a year I meant more like nearly two years I CAN MATH)

-When I say no breeders, this is US breeders. There’s a pretty good contingent of UK breeders with thai type gonyos (and tbh I wouldn’t trust importers that import in ‘uk cb’ rather than directly buying from the breeder).

-Regarding the ‘joy of keeping them’… hit the tags for Anders or Fenris on my tumblr. That’s all my joy. Even when they’re being spiteful little bastards, they’re a joy. But my joy is different from other people’s joy, so these might not be your joy.

-Regarding the aggression…. CB chondros aren’t aggressive save for the rare mongrel. I touched on this here, Pas touched on this here.  Gonyos are. They will always be feisty and extremely high-energy animals that will need a lot of work to get to the point that I have Anders and Fenris. Here’s a pair of thai gonyos that are CB/LTC and have not been socialized at all (I would not recommend putting a mister in a snake cage). Their temper when they’re pissed is very much like a mamba sans the deathy part. An angry chondro, if you happen to come across one, is more like a viper on a tree: just get your hand out of range and it isn’t going to come forward launching at you like a gonyo is (and as a simple fact, they’re a lot bigger and longer than a chondro).

-So, what to research regarding care and behavior? Texas ratsnakes, just add a humid hide to the setup for best results. Get a CB baby from a breeder, work with it a lot (prepare to get babynipped in this process unless the previous owner has settled them down for you), and you’ll probably get an animal similar to Seraph: very alert, a bit more flighty, not really what I’d call a cornsnake because I definitely wouldn’t pass him to a stranger but extremely different from WC animals. And maybe they’ll even cuddle with you, if you’re lucky.

Extra bonus questions from the other anon messages:

How many people do you know that own gonyos?

Actually there’s a really large contingent of them in the UK along with a pretty established thai locality captive breeding population.

The question was if they were aggressive in a similar way to ETB and GTP, not if their care is like them.

Trick question, because chondros aren’t really aggressive and care/CBvsWC has everything to do with a snake’s behavior.

Did that cover everything? D:


Anders has been somewhat crankier in the autumn/winter, so there hasn’t been much handling going on. But today looked like a slightly less cranky day, so I went for it. Wanted to show how blue those scales are these days. No idea why! Everyone is healthy and happy. Just… blue. Wondering if it’s a hormonal shift like chondros can get, or if there’s just something they eat in the wild that gives them the yellow pigmentation that seems to start vanishing the moment the animal settles into captivity.

edit: for comparison, september, and closer to when I first got them in.


I went to the Cal Academy of Sciences to see the Skulls exhibit a couple of weeks ago with some friends and got to see some cool snakes too.

(Spieces IDs in picture captions.)