did anyone who is mad at zayn for “not defending his fans” ever think about how we literally made fun of zayns best friend since Louis dragged him nonstop for over a month? zayn doesn’t owe us anything. shahid was shit to us and we had every right to go after him but imagine how that looked from zayns standpoint. people who said they’d support him forever shading his best friend nonstop. he thinks we gave up on him first he doesn’t need to be nice to all of us anymore.


Am I upset and pissed that Charlie’s dead? Yes. HOWEVER, what people fail to realize is that in order for a show to actually move forward, characters need to die. The cast can’t stay the same forever. Not everyone good can survive, that would be boring as shit.

And can I point out that this is Supernatural? Even in the last episode Sam said something like, “in this line of business, death isn’t always goodbye”. I mean, come on. She’ll be back at some point. Everyone just take a deep breath. Myself included because that was traumatizing.

Also, those of you saying how it’s unfair that Crowley’s still alive while Charlie dies, bite me. If Crowley had died, what impact would that have on the brothers? It wouldn’t give them that push to move the plot forward. Plus he still has to kill Rowena so…

OKay Im probably gonna get a lot of hate for this, but I think Tumblr is focusing on the whole AOU Natasha  Romanoff thing the wrong way.  Yall know what scene I’m talkig about. Yknow, the one where she says shes a monster and compares herself to the hulk because she cant have kids? Yeah that one. I think that was interpreted the wrong way.

Now to collect my thoughts… Okay, so the conversation started with Bruce rejecting her because he claims that hes a monster. Okay, solit, he does kind of turn into a green ragebeast and uncontrollably kill and maim without discretion. Now I havent seen the movie more than once, but I believe he even says something along the lines of that right there of “I do more damage than I do good”.

Natasha replies with the fact that she doesnt see him as a monster because she knows he has a kind heart, a good heart, and he means well He cares that he’s ruined peoples lives. He regrets. She finds that beautiful.

She then STARTS OFF her Argument with “I’m a monster too” and “I’ve been sterilized…” and that where people stopped listening, but I dont think that thats where it was supposed to end. She kept going and she kept going for a reason. She said “They sterilized us so that the one thing that could become more important than a mission wasn’t a problem. It makes it easier to kill, and they were right.”

Now apply that theory, that its easy for her to kill, to her admiration for Bruce and his remorse over his fatalities. She is ashamed of the fact that its so easy for her to ruin people lives, families, and literally end people without feeling regret or even batting an eyelash. She knows its not normal and shes ahsamed of that because she thinks its not something she can really change about herself. No matter what no-kill policy she invokes on herself, she will always have the ability to kill without a second thought or remorse. 

She thinks shes a monster because in her own lucid, sober mind she knows that she can become a killing machine, and she doesnt think Bruce is a monster because she knows that in his own mind he wouldn’t hurt a fly. Could they have handled the scene better? Yes.

TL:DR: Its not the fact that she can’t have kids that Natasha thinks shes a monster, her sterility is only relevant as a catalyst towards her indifference towards her training for mindless slaughter. Its her killers instinct that she thinks makes her inhuman and a monster. That conversation was meant to point out how Natasha and Bruce’s experiences are opposite in nature- He kills on accident and regrets it when hes sober, she kills when shes sober and never regrets it.

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if these people insist on using the "where was person 1 when person 2 was getting hate" argument they're just gonna make zayn look worse bc he's essentially been logged off for five years


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To the Lord Primarchs, have any of you seen the old tv show Firefly, or the movie attached to it, Serenity?

Mortarion: Yeah, it’s not too bad, it’s like a lot of tv shows though, it takes awhile to find it’s footing, but once you get past the first 14 episodes or so…oh.  Oh…

Sanguinius: That was cold even for you.

Jaghatai: I enjoy stories which tell me of other human cultures and also show the people who developed said culture.

Guilliman: Wow it’s getting cold in here, someone throw on the heater.

Horus: We are gonna get so much hate mail for this.

Corax: I like Wash.

I gonna get so hated for this I know. But I don’t really think what Oliver did was that awful. Now if he would have taken Sara I’d be like “Kick his ass Dig” That’s unforgivable. Sure leaving her there by herself was fucked up. But he only took Lyla he didn’t hurt her at all, which by the way I have a hard time believing he could take her especially as badass as she is. She could legit probably kick his ass. Anyway yes it was a little fucked up but nowhere near as horrible as it could have been.

Dear Runners,

They don’t tell you that champions need breaks. They tell you to never stop, never take a day off, keep working no matter what pain you feel. I’ve done that. And I’ve watched my bones crumble in the process. If I had it my way, I’d never sleep, eat, communicate with others, shower, rest, laugh, joke, talk, or go to school. I would train all day, everyday, forever. Sound crazy? It is. It’s crazy, sick, obsessive- yet that is what it’s like when you want it so bad. But in order for real success, there has to be recovery time. Mental recovery, emotional recovery, physical recovery. I know that devoting your whole life to one thing sounds like it would bring you glory, but really it just drives you crazy. Because when that one thing is taken away, you won’t have anything left. So take breaks, listen to your body, remember to breathe, be patient, tell yourself it’s okay if you think a boy or girl is cute, if ice cream tastes good, hit the pool instead of the road if that pain in your leg is not exactly normal. Don’t make my mistakes and you’ll be great. 

I hate how tumblr has given people the idea that it’s OK to hate hetero cis people because they hated you for so long

like yeah make posts about it. but don’t fucking generalize every single hetero cis person it’s just fucking stupid and makes you look just as fucking close minded as the pricks you’re shit talking

I guess I just don’t understand why people have to be so rude about milso/usmc tags. Yes, milso stuff can be annoying. Yes, it doesn’t necessarily need to have the USMC tag. But the thing is, if you don’t like it, don’t read it. It’s that simple.

It just seems kind of hypocritical when you complain about someone complaining. Catch my drift? 

Also when people try to use massive amounts of swear words and caps lock and bolding to try to seem intimidating.