If I actually attend the school I want to join September, I have to move out at the other end of the country (yeah France is small but I still won’t go back home every week-end okay) and I am starting to worry about which books I am supposed to take, or albums and shit. (My clothes are all coming, idgaf, I might be seen as an uncultured swine, but at least I’ll look like a stylish uncultured swine)

I haven’t read Percy Jackson in over 3 years but I still have the strongest maternal pull to Nico Di Angelo this side of the west coast like-

I need to take him into my home and give him a room all of his own and take him shopping for new clothes and make sure he has money for all of his lunch outings and make him his favorite dish when he’s had a bad day. 

I found the coolest trail behind my house. There’s a creek running along the whole thing. Ah, so beautiful and refreshing! I’m gonna love my time here!

I gotta bring my sketch book the next time I ride down here. And a book. And a tent. Just everything so I can live by the creek.

we all three played video games and watched funny vids as kassidy’s and i just drove bar boy home. we talk so intensely and have such real convos, like we talk about really deep and real things about us. he told me that he thinks we’re really close and we know everything about each other and i agree. i feel like whatever we’ve got, it’s amazing. i can really talk to him. i consider him one of my best friends tbh. today rocked.

About to voluntarily go to bed early so that in the morning I can wake up and walk down the street to my local diner-ish place for breakfast.  I’m gonna bring my giant-ass book of road trips and be a Local and maybe order some pancakes.  And then do laundry or run errands!  When did I become a middle-aged spinster from the suburbs!  (Answer: since always; I’m just lacking the proper quantity of cats.)