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"Ran away and hiding in a Mcdonalds kitch from pursuers and got under the register counter" May and Simmons

  • jemma’s been making this low-pitched unhappy sound continuously ever since may first pushed her towards the store for cover - she’s already worked out that may’s going to make her hide somewhere on the floor of a mcdonald’s. on the FLOOR. of a mcdonald’s, may. and she’s wearing her nice jeans. why did she wear her nice jeans.

  • they end up behind the front counter, and may flashes a (not particularly real) badge very quickly and convinces all the kids working there to act normally. she has to raise her voice a little louder than she’d like, to be heard clearly over the disgusted whining sound jemma’s making as she rolls onto the ground.

  • the employees are generally pretty terrified, but they manage to act normally enough. except for this one guy, who’s decided that now is a fantastic time to hit on jemma. she very politely and diplomatically rejects him, from where she’s curled up on the floor, but she’s so lovely and apologetic that the guy kind of pushes it a little. he shuts up pretty quickly when may loudly cocks her gun.

  • may looks across at jemma after a while to see a calculating look on the girl’s face. at may’s raised eyebrow, she explains: ‘oh, but fitz would be so upset if he found out we’d been here and didn’t get him anything!’ may becomes a little worried at how jemma simmons is coping with being in life and death situations so often.

  • eventually they’re found out, and may turns to tell jemma to herd all the employees down to the back of the kitchen, only to find that she’s already doing that, unprompted. she feels a pang of pride at that, before turning back to their pursuers.
  • (later, once they’ve dealt with their pursuers and everything’s relatively safe again, they’re about to leave when one of the employees taps jemma on the shoulder and hands her a happy meal. jemma’s delighted, but insists on digging around in her pockets for some money to pay them for it. may only sighs, hands her the money.)

Okay so I just hit 1k which absolutely insane and I can’t thank you enough! Here are some awesome people:

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Hey ! So abel is gonna be in jersey on May 29th do you know if the concert is +18?

I think it’s 18 and up, but you should call up the event center just to make sure. 

Life’s gotten better lately(great actually), leisure actually starts to feel like fun again, I’m a little bit more sociable and it’s great but maybe this is the perfect time to get back in the saddle again, I got stuff lying around in my room I still haven’t worked on and it’s already gonna be May in a few days.

I still get super anxious about things that most probably aren’t an issue at all with anyone else but it’s gotten better. I think.

Also dad is visiting again, it’s great when the whole family is together.


When Sam says he feels good it’s not usually uncomplicated: I don’t think he lies to himself, exactly, but I think he does a lot of hard work. (for denugis, who inspired this)

Chen Kun and Wu Yifan will make their appearance in this year’s Met Gala as representatives of Chinese actors. It is also the first time Chinese actors will be appearing for the Met Ball red carpet event.

2015 Met Ball in New York Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Museum Charity Ball will be opened next month, the theme of this year’s Met Ball coincides with China. Many Chinese figures will appear on the red carpet: both regulars in previous years, and other stars that will make their first appearances. Of course, there will also be popular “fresh meat”. 

Source: FashionModels Weibo

Additional Information: The event will be held on May 4, 2015. 

Melinda May has full command of the Playground. Jemma Simmons is her second-in-command, helping her run things.

The Playground is one of Peggy Carter’s old SSR bases.

May and Jemma are quite literally running Peggy’s old base.

Mod Post: Some basic things about AAVE...

Here are some things that are common in AAVE:

double negation:
I ain’t never seen that boy in my life.” // I have never seen that boy in my life.

absence of 3rd-person singular forms:

He ain’t got no choice but to.” // He doesn’t have any choice but to.

omission of the copula(to be):

He choosing!” // He is choosing. (I.E. this is another way of saying that the person in question is interested in someone; usually the speaker.)

omission of the auxiliary:

You playing ball, bruh?” // “Are you playing basketball?”

past participle of strong verb denotes past tense:

Man, I been done known that!” // “I have known about that for a long time.”

This and certain terms and idioms for certain people (i.e. the “po-po” and “5-0″ mean “the police”; “trap star” or “pusher” means a drug dealer specializing in heavier fare than weed), places (i.e. “the crib” means “the/my home”), things (i.e. “going H.A.M.” or “going Fed” means “getting wild” or “going off”), or actions (i.e. “hit the slab” means “hit the highway” or “let’s go”) make up the bulk of what AAVE is.

It’s a legitimate English dialect that many people speak. And most black people have been taught how to naturally code switch (or change dialects) depending on who they’re talking to and what environment they’re currently in.

Still, if you aren’t black, you shouldn’t be using it… especially after so many of us have been made to feel lesser than for speaking it our entire lives.