So i was at The Grove today and this guy came up to me holding a bag from some sex shop or whatever he asked me if i left it behind and i told him “No, that isn’t my bag, I swear. I wouldn’t be caught dead going into that sex shop… Or wearing such ugly lingerie.” Which was the honest truth but then he told me “i’m sure you could pull off any lingerie” he then proceeded to give me a wink and with that he walked away, i debated stopping for a millisecond and potentially bringing him home, but i decided i’d go back home to Lynx instead. I’ve gotta say the quality of her cuddles prove i made the right decision.


The mass of comics obtained from Denver Comic Con and then closeups on the signatures I collected. Jordan Kotzebue - author/illustrator Hominids (bought it cause the art looked pretty, have no idea if the story is good. I can only hope so.) Jim Butcher - author of Dresden Files Nicki Rapp - voice actor for Lili from Psychonauts (and others like Lily from Walking dead s1) Ian McGinty - illustrator for Bravest Warriors comic Soooo yeah. It was fun, and there were relativly few cosplayers. Guess thats what dragoncon is for :P


Last Words | Levi and Kenny | Chapter 69

“You… who were you to my mother?”
“Hah… idiot… Just her… big brother…”
“Then why… did you leave me back then?”
“I… was… unfit… to be a parent.”

i’m a big fan of how jake’s surprise kiss was gentle and just tentative enough for a first kiss ever

then there was amy’s surprise kiss which started with her announcing “well, this is happening” and just BOOM clashing her mouth to his and just using the damn tree to consume him like just go with it boy


You Belong With Me (Modern Clexa AU)

Clarke and Lexa have been best friends since the first day of school. Lexa knows love is weakness but she is hopelessly in love with Clarke. Clarke is oblivious, happily dating other people. 

I lay on Clarke’s bed, propped up by several pillows, pretending to be engrossed in my worn copy of Carmilla. But I was distracted, by Clarke. She had her head resting on my lap and her feet hanging over the side of the bed. She was talking on her phone, I was running my fingers through her soft, golden hair. I told myself that it was a perfectly normal thing for best friends to do, after all it was a typical Tuesday night for us. What wasn’t normal was how I had to consciously stop my gaze from falling to her lips or the bare skin of her shoulder revealed by her baggy top. Yeah definitely not normal. I cursed myself for the inappropriate thoughts that regularly plagued my mind. I had tried to deny it for years but the truth was what I felt for her was anything but friendly, somewhere along the line I had fallen completely in love with her. But to Clarke I was just her best friend. I was the girl she shared her lunch with on the first day of preschool and everyday since. She didn’t see me that way.

Chapter 1