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I was gone for like 10 seconds and just came back on and suddenly there's all the drama with the picture of louis. I don't really understand, was the picture posted to show that louis was not at the party bc he was at that restaurant ? And what do they all mean with 'they live together' ? I don't understand, please could you help me :)

There is no drama. And idk why people on tumblr are talking about ‘rumours’ or ‘visual confirmation’ like. It’s done, the fandom believes -knows- Louis was there because people who were there said so. And the people who said so hate Larry, so they have absolutely no reason to lie, in fact, they have every reason not to say anything. The fact that they did means that HE WAS THERE.

And given that update accounts that hate the idea of Louis and Harry in a romantic relationship are saying flat out that Louis was at Harry’s party is enough to think that he was actually there, because WHY WOULDN’T HE? He was in LA, he was out an hour before the party, Liam was there…?

If it was said by one pro Larry account then I would agree with the ‘rumours’ thing, but it was said by several antis that have pictures of a few guests leaving. Of course I’d like visual confirmation, but I don’t get what they’re moaning about. This is as good as it’s going to get.

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okay i love this vine but just

Imagine Gogo whispering in Hiro’s ear “What do beavers build?” and Hiro is just like ‘aren’t you supposed to be a genius smh.’ But he still replies, “A dam.”

And in this distance there’s a faint crashing noise and then Tadashi shouts, “Hiro, what did you just say?!” and Hiro is like “NO TADASHI SHE SET ME UP.” Meanwhile Gogo is laughing her ass off.


Think about it, Mom. Everything that’s happened to him so far— nothing’s killed him yet."