rwby ship tag masterpost

this started just for me but i mean?? might as well right??

alright, so rwby’s pretty well known for having cool names for their ships and it’s always expanding. that means that people are always finding new ships and ship names that they wanna track and that also means people are finding notps that they wanna block

so here’s a masterpost of ship tags and names i’ve seen used!! the last time we did one of these was SO long ago. i’m definately missing some so either edit it in yourself or message me, yo

fyi the fndm sometimes shoves words together and a ship name can be either one or two words (ie white rose vs whiterose). they’re presented here as one word but you can probably tell which ones can go either way

f/f ships

blake x weiss: checkmating, monochrome, checkmate
blake x ruby: ladybug
blake x yang: bumbleby, bumblebee
cinder x glynda: glynder, goodfall, fallwitch
cinder x neo: spicecream
cinder x ruby: cinderruby
emerald x blake: cat burglar
emerald x cinder: emberald, crime girlfriends
emerald x neo: spumone
neo x weiss: weisscream
neo x yang: baked alaska, silence is golden, bananasplit
nora x blake: valkitty, thundercat
nora x pyrrha: valkos
nora x yang: pink lemonade
penny x nora: gingersnap
penny x ruby: nuts and dolts, mechanical rose, redbot
pyrrha x blake: purrha
pyrrha x ruby: pyrruby
pyrrha x weiss: schneekos
ruby x weiss: whiterose, iceflower
ruby x yang: enabler (shippy), strawberry sunrise (platonic)
velvet x blake: blackvelvet, scarladonna
velvet x coco: crosshares
velvet x penny: energizer bunny
velvet x ruby: buns and roses, redvelvet
velvet x weiss: dustbunny
velvet x yang: shotbunning
yang x weiss: freezerburn

m/m ships

fox x sage: spicy trickster
fox x yatsuhashi: keylime pie
jaune x neptune: noah’s arc
jaune x ren: lie and cheat
neptune x sage: seaweed
ren x sun: lie and steal
sun x neptune: seamonkeys
sun x roman: monkey business
sun x sage: seasoned thief

m/f ships

adam x blake: tauradonna
jaune x pyrrha: arkos
jaune x ruby: roseknight, lancaster
jaune x weiss: weissgold
ozpin x glynda: ozglyn, ozwitch
ren x blake: blacklotus, ninjas of love
ren x nora: renora, team sloth
ren x yang: sunflowyr
roman x cinder: torchfall
roman x glynda: torchwitch
roman x neo: icecrime
sun x blake: blacksun
sun x penny: optimus primate
sun x ruby: redsun
sun x yang: suns out guns out
sun x velvet: bunanas

scarlet ships (listed separately bc what the fuck is scarlet anyways?? idk but they’re rad)

scarlet x sun: strawberry banana
scarlet x neptune: red sea
scarlet x sage: cherry tree

poly names

blake x weiss x ruby: newspaper
blake x weiss x yang: bees schnees
neo x yang x weiss: melted weisscream
sun x blake x velvet: menagerie
sun x blake x yang: sunnybees
sun x blake x yang x neptune: bumbleseamonkeys
yang x malachite twins: yellow m&ms


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