*points at helena* you’ve murdered people *points at her again* you’ve broken out into song in cars when things are all effed up *points one more time* and you’ve done many things that make you come off as both terrifying and insane. it’s a real SHAME that NO ONE in clone club could have a SINGLE ONE of these things in COMMON with you. *laughs nervously* not. a. single. individual. *backs away slowly toward her craft room, which is filled with muffled screams* it’s truly unfortunate. *trips over leekie’s body* whoopsie woo! who put that there? *grabs aynsley’s scarf to pull herself up* oh, fffishsticks! that’s not mine! *vic appears, wearing a pair of rainbow colored nine fingered mittens, shaking with fear* w-what the dickens? where did you come from? *charity falls out of the cracker cupboard, wailing about the lies, the never-ending lies, the cracker cupboard was always a lie* gosh golly gee whiz! I have to - I should *donnie rolls down the stairs covered in nothing but blood and tightie whities* I really have to go now