[you JOOM JOOM, my HEART like a LOCKET]
Another random text post :D 
So I couldn’t sleep last night so I ended up tracking the B1A4 tag here on tumblr. Still really shocked at the rapid increase of Bananas >< them Banas are going Bananas over B1A4 :)))

And since I tracked the B1A4 tag in general lol there were so many random post :)))) I even saw an edit of mine made into a dirty confession naughty Banas >< 

BTW I’ve been running Gongchanbaragi for about 6 months now and I’m really thankful for the great feedback from you guys!! THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH^^ BANA HUUUUUUUUUG  +3+ 

lol tis already my 11th layout :)) so since there wasn’t an MV for MY LOVE, I had no idea what concept I’d use so I took inspiration from the 111119 My Love Perf at MuCore which is Black/White/Gray Plaid with Aqua and Green Accent colors ><

Pardon the LQ gif, I’ll work on that and the links too…do you think they’re too bright/colorful?? Anyways, will work on these things tomorrow+will update the pages :)


Time has passed so quickly *o* It’s already my 1000th post *o*
So here’s quite a long message :) I hope you do read all throughout^^

To my followers, old and new: CC here a.k.a. Gongchanbaragi, its been awhile since I’ve first posted and I didn’t think I’d get much love as I am having right now from you BANANAS. Even though I don’t have much interaction with you guys I’m still open for interaction :) OTL talk to me please :(( :))) Gongchanbaragi has evolved within the past few months from posting edits and text to eventually posting raw stuff and videos to the introduction of photosets and finally being able to make video gifs! You guys have witnessed them all and I hope you’ll be there till the end. With this post I want to thank every single BANA who has followed me, reblogged, liked, replied, asked and visited Gongchanbaragi. You have been part of this blog already, thank you! And as B1A4 continues to soar high and fly above blue sky, I hope we BANAs will be there with them :) To end this long essay of mine…여러분, 감사합니다! 사랑해! 


So B1A4 has finished promoting but there’s still quite an influx of pictures and I still have who knows how many pictures here in my laptop… I haven’t been as active in editing as when I started but nonetheless I’ll still continue editing till B1A4 comes back :) but here’s the thing or rather things:

1. instead of having a lot of edits per day like what I’ve done in the past, I’ll be posting less of them but rest assured I’ll post the good ones :D
2. since my University schedule is intervening with my social life+tumblr life+editing time and such so I won’t be able to post edits, therefore I decided I’ll post photosets of original photos instead
3. if I find little time to do my own stuff that ain’t editing, I’ll post text gifs instead
4. since I keep up with B1A4’s schedule my timeline is always updated :)
5. Match Up is still on-going so I still update the Misc/Variety Vids :)
6. you can always talk to me or sumthin -___- my ask box is dying -.- maybe suggest? or just say hi ;____;  
7. to my followers and my recent followers THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!


[Gongchanbaragi's Update]

*So I’ve added a new link on gongchanbaragi :D
B1A4 tumblrs' this link will provide a list of other B1A4 specialized/related tumblrs. If you know other active B1A4 tumblr that's not on the list or if you post 50% B1A4, kindly drop me an ask :)
*I’m still thinking if I should add a B1A4 Profile and Discography page/link tho…
*About ‘B1A4 Misc Vids' and 'B1A4 fancams' there have been so many updates to date since the comeback and I've been having a hard time updating these pages. Right now B1A4 is in Bangkok so I'll focus on updating 'B1A4 in Thailand' (vids/pics)
*As for ‘B1A4 timeline' and 'B1A4 Perfs’, both are very much updated but I know that I’m still missing some perf links and another problem I’ve encountered is that some vids are being taken out due to copyright problems by YT. So if you see any broken links or if the video is missing kindly tell me so that I can find alternative links :)
*and if you have requests, suggestion or if you have problems navigating the page my ask box is always open^^
~Thank You^^ 


Why is it that whenever I leave home and queue my posts…. when I get back the posts gets so much love and I gain more followers than usual but when I’m here in front of my laptop posting them one by one they don’t get that much love at all…

Judging my followers .____.

Anyway… If anyone bothered to even look at the timeline I’ve added the Japanese schedule+Sandeul’s July schedule for Brothers Were Brave.

If anyone here is following B1A4’s fan manager and is wondering what D-9 yesterday and D-8 just a few minutes ago means. Well according to my timeline… B1A4 will have a Handshake event on the 30th and a commemoration event on July 1st :)