I arrived in London on Thursday afternoon and headed to Richmond to meet up with Meg! I checked in to the Richmond Gate hotel which is most definitely not a nice place to stay…the guy who checked me in was friendly enough, but broke the cardinal rule of hotel room assignments- putting me (a single, female traveler), in the basement, at the end of the hallway, next to the fire exit! It was pretty old, definitely needs a refurbishment, but from what I hear there aren’t too many nice places to stay.

ANYWAY, Meg came over (literally around the corner from her Uni) and we headed to the closest pub for a cider. It was our first legal drink together! We walked along the Thames into town and everything was adorable. It was a gorgeous day with perfect weather! What a cute place. She took me back to her very messy dorm (sorry Mom!) and showed me around a bit. I took a few of her friends out for a nice Italian dinner, which was much appreciated over the dorm food! I felt old. 

—-the walk along the river—-

Fridays Meg doesn’t have any class, so we headed to adorable Bill’s (http://bills-website.co.uk/restaurants/londonrichmond/) for a delicious breakfast

we did our chores around Richmond before we headed into the city for the weekend! 

—-our last chore was to eat fish & chips! :) —-

we went in to the city and checked in to citizenM, our super hip & trendy hotel right by the Tate and just a quick walk to the Shard. It was really cool. I couldn’t take any pictures of the place because there were always so many people in the common areas, so you’ll have to just check out the website. They even gave everyone a complimentary drink of your choice upon check-in which was a nice surprise! (http://www.citizenm.com/destinations/london/london-bankside-hotel

we had reservations at the Gong Bar at the Shangri-La, London at the Shard for 6 PM, so we rushed over there for a stunning view! (http://www.shangri-la.com/london/shangrila/

—-the view of the Shard from our hotel!—-

—-and from the street!—-

—-seriously stunning view from inside—-

—-it was harder to take pictures at night—-

—-city lights on the walk back home—-

Saturday morning we somehow found the most amazing breakfast and it filled our Tex-Mex cravings at The Breakfast Club (http://www.thebreakfastclubcafes.com) we managed to make it in time before the mad brunch rush! it was so tasty! 

we then headed over to Borough Market where we met some guys who hadn’t gone home from the night before. they offered to buy us shots of tequila, but 11 AM seemed a little early for that nonsense! we settled for pimms instead :)

we went over to Picaddily for some shopping, then to the Tower of London and walked back over Tower Bridge. Meg was ready for a nap & I headed to the social area of citizenM.  the weather was super dreary, but it ended up being a pretty night! 

—-the tower of London with the Shard in the background—-

—-being a tourist in her new city!—-

Sunday morning we headed back to Richmond for more chores & homework. YAY…

I headed to Heathrow Sunday evening for my 10:20 PM flight. However, when I arrived at the airport there was a long line of people and I was ushered into it, being told the flight had been cancelled and to wait in line. Eventually the line of grumpy people was escorted to buses and then taken to the airport hotel. Our flight left Heathrow 14 hours later and now I am in Dubai about to connect to my flight to Male and then on to my flight to the island…it was a fabulous two week vacation and great to see all these wonderful people! Can’t wait for the next vacation! :)