Raphael Gomes took questions today in a live Google Hangout, and was asked if he had any good stories he could share from filming the the 2014 YouTube Rewind video. He smiled and said he did have one. The dance they had to learn was much more difficult than he’d expected, but while he struggled everyone else seemed to pick it up pretty quickly. Hard as he tried he couldn’t do it, and the more he tried the more self conscious he became that he looked foolish in front of the other YouTubers, to say nothing of the millions of people he knew would eventually watch the final video. Just as he started to panic, AmazingPhil took him aside, calmed him down, and kindly suggested they work on the choreography together, one on one, until he felt more comfortable. Without Phil, Raphael said, he doubted he would have even been able to move in front of the camera.

I really think I should have done more for gnomes. I always feel a bit guilty that I just put my feet in the water and never sort of dived into the deep end. I really could have produced a new sensibility for the garden gnome in Britain. Gnomes should have been explored more deeply.
—  David Bowie