goldshitter replied to your post “like what the actual fuck??? that north korea thing????? why isnt…”

is this about the detainees?

yeah and the whole like violation of human rights thing they’re rocking pretty hard

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The government in North Korea insist that nothing’s happening there and that their civilians are perfectly happy. The very rare people who escaped admit to what happens there but people who actually live there aren’t allowed to say a nothing to the media

And if someone does tell the media whilst living in the country will be tortured and have severe punishments. Since there’s no one admitting officially the the gov there are acting innocent,the proof isn’t strong enough for the EU to do something about it

The gov in North Korea are too dangerous to get involved with I guess tbh

that is so fucking scary i can’t even believe. i didn’t think things like that still happened in the world and im so like, stunned and upset it does. i can’t believe i only just found out about it!! what a sucky fucking situation

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it is very real but unfortunately, there isn’t much to be done from the external, other than invading but North Korea has nukes so it’s a risky option. Revolution has to come from inside the country,

i really hope things work out safely for them all sooner than later

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Areth is a babe

What gets me about this picture is how nice she looks. Like, in terms of personality. It’s probably a glamour.


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Vimes is an A+ character, keep reading!


I plan to!


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this is EXACTLY the reason why blueberry-flavored candy is always my favourite

I don’t like blueberry much, actually! But then, this wasn’t flavored, it was just a LOT of violet food coloring. 


goldshitter replied to your post “YOU READ DISCWORLD? :D”

mort was one of my favorites :) loving the city watch books too so far. i hope you have time to read tiffany aching, they were my introduction to this series

Well, I kind of have a lot of downtime until I get a job (SIGH), and the library is fast running out of books that I haven’t read (SIGHHH), and I can count on Discworld books to be consistently good, so I’ll probably read a lot of them. Unfortunately I loaned Mort to my dad and he hasn’t given it back, so :p

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12, 20, 30, 42 :)

Hey, thanks for asking :)

  12. what is something you want right now?
For my essay to be written. Very. Badly.

  20. what is your favourite song at the moment?
Hmm, since this says ‘at the moment’, I’ll assume it’s not about any alltimefavorites, so… today I’ve been singing ‘Sugarman’ by Rodriguez a lot. My girlfriend bought all of his music on vinyl a few days ago and we listened to it last night. It really is something else.

  30. favourite tv show(s)
in no particular order: the good wife, castle, brooklyn nine nine, the nanny, warehouse 13 (until like, 4x01), orphan black & orange is the new black. maybe star trek voyager. i probably missed some stuff.

  42. favourite book(s)
this question makes me feel guilty. but all right, that would be - the time traveller’s wife, his dark materials, the hunger games (sort of? i don’t know). actually, that’s a difficult question because i feel like i haven’t met my favorite book yet.