Buying a new fish

Since I’ll be off to buy a new goldfish tomorrow, I’ll write a little article on how to buy a new fish and what things to pay attention to. 

The first thing is is where you’ll buy the fish. This seems like not much, but the best is to buy your fish from a reputable, knowledgeable seller. This way you can be quite sure that the fish you buy is healthy and that you’re supporting a good store!

If you’re there, you’ll probably see lots of different goldfish. The best thing is to have an idea of the fish you’re getting - the kind, the size.. Some golfish varieties tend to grow really big (like ryukins) and some are so delicate they require a tank with special needs (like pearlscales). It’s best to read lots about them and make sure you can provide the right care for them!

Next up comes the most important thing; the health of the fish. Make sure all the fish in the tank look healthy and active. Look carefully if they aren’t hurt, have signs of illnesses (red streaks in fins, fungus, bottom sitting or flashing..) or are stunted. You can recognize stunted fish because they have a big eye compared to their heads, and very long fins compared to their bodies. If there are any dead or sick fish in the tank, it’s wise not to buy fish in that tank! You wouldn’t want to end up with a sick fish. (I think I should make a more specific post on how to see if a fish is healthy..)

Another important thing is to quarantaine your fish, if possible. Buying and moving a fish can cause a lot of stress which impacts the immune system. This makes the fish more prone to disease. Fish can also carry diseases and introduce them to other fish that are in the tank. I always try to quarantine at least three weeks. You don’t have to quarantine your fish if it’s the first fish in your tank, of course!

I guess this is about it. Think buying fish through and make sure you have enough room for them, before you buy them! c:


So I’ve been watching The Office, and it’s great, but Michael keeps a fishbowl with a goldfish on his desk and it pisses me off so much. And not only that, but every episode there is a new goldfish inside of it. Which implies that the old one has died since. And I’m pissed about it. Showing this on tv just supports all of the misinformation surrounding fish keeping and it sucks.


Sorry I was absent for a little bit. I moved into my first apartment! This is my room, fish tank set up and all that jazz. It was a four hour drive but all the fish made it just fine, it looks like Clarke the betta ate his shrimp friend on the way there though. Other than that it was a great success. (You can see Presley there terror in the left corner of the first picture)

It instead teaches cruelty and disregard for life, as well as indicates your own need to be taught a lesson in responsibility.

This article is otherwise known as: Fish and Children

I thought this picture, however, should be passed around as it is the most confusing and awful thing I see in how modern society treats small animals.

This will talk about the role of children in the lives of small and large pets and how modern society treats small pets as opposed to small pets, as well as the consequences therein. Most of this is under the cut.

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Let’s take a moment to appreciate some awesome new lifelike painted resin depictions of aquatic animals by Singapore-based artist Keng Lye (previously featured here). The longer we look at them, the harder it is to believe that these aren’t simply photos of live fish swimming in water. In reality they’re the result of the gradual layering of painstakingly applied acrylic paint on clear resin, part painting and part sculpture. The only things here that aren’t rendered in paint are the repurposed containers.

Head over to Keng Lye’s Facebook page to check out even more of his recent creations.

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