mothafuckyolife said:

Dude, do me a favor and keep your mouth shut, understood? If safyia, aka my best friend doesn't want you on her fucking blog then keep your ass off of it , mk sweetie? And you don't know what rude really is. Leave, her, alone. Shes my bestfriend and i'll protect and stick up for her. Bye.

Excuse me, keep my mouth shut? I was trying to be friendly to her and she was just rude. How about you stay off my blog “sweetie”. Lmao. Do you think I expected someone to tell her to kill herself? No, I didnt. I know what rude is, it’s you. Do you know me? Nope. Do I wanna know you? Fuck no. If I had known she was in a bad mood and didn’t want me to joke around with her, I would’ve left her alone. Bye, and don’t call me ‘dude’ btw

JSS <3 makes sense.

plus my boo nicole. makes sense.

natalie <3 duh.

aldos. i get it. :)

ed. i get that too.

katie <3

nikki. my little baby unicorn.

who the hell are the last two?

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mothafuckyolife said:

My name is shana. And you think i give two shits? No. I'm on your blog to see what youre saying back to me, its called an argument. Yeah and i dont fucking care if you want me here or not ! You started shit, now you wanna get rid of me when i step in? No. Thats not how it works, just shut the fuck up, because i wont let you have the last word.

Hi shana, heres the last word: leave :*