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60-shadesofgrape’s questions for me:

1) how long have you been on tumblr?

I have been on tumblr since april 2011

2) what is one book/movie/tv show that you haven’t seen that may surprise people? mine is literally everything.

I’ve never seen monty python.

3) what is the character death that you are still not over?

all of them.  But mainly River Song’s

4) have you ever had a crush on a teacher? 

yes, but he got a bad haircut so that ended it really quick

5) do you own any band/youtube merch?

I have a paramore flag, a P!ATD poster, and a FOB poster

6) where is this coolest place you’ve been to?

A cruise to alaska

7) HOW THE FUCK. OKAY. DO YOU POKE THE DAMN KEYBOARD WHEN YOU TYPE OR DO YOU DO IT THE  ”PROPER” WAY LIKE HWAT okay becky just spent like twenty minutes laughing at me bc i “type weird” or  ”POKE” GODDAMMIT. i’m so confused like ugh how do YOU type?

I do a hybrid of the two.  I don’t do the two finger typing, but I don’t do the proper shit either.

8) so when you asdfghjkl;’ all over your keyboard.. do you get words? bc i don’t. but becky does, and i’m concerned bc we’ve gotten words such as: “hang” “regret” “lord” “bagel” “ape” i am worried.

I do on my phone when it auto corrects it.

9) fuck, marry, kill. ( Phil, Zoe, Benedict Cumberbatch )

marry Phil (i get cuddles and sexy times), fuck Zoe (simply because I don’t want to fuck Benedict), kill Ben (sorry bro)

10) talk about your music taste.

my music ranges from musicals, to pop punk, to pop punk, to annoyingly poppy shit

11) what is one youtuber that you feel is not as well known as they should be?

Emma Blackbery.  I fucking love her

cyrillusisbadass’s questions:

1. why did you get into tumblr?

2. what was your first ship?

3. what’s your favorite band(s)

4. favorite book?

5. something you want to do before you die?

6. someone you want to meet?

7. where you want to live?

8.  What if your favorite thing about yourself?

9. favorite youtuber?

10. three favorite words?

11.  If you could visit any fictional universe for as long as you wanted whenever you wanted, which would you visit?

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