We asked a white hat hacker if it’s anything like Goldeneye, and it turns out the bummer answer IS THE COOL ANSWER.

5 Hacking Myths You Probably Believe (Thanks to Movies)

#5. Myth: You Can Hack into Any Mainframe Over the Internet

Websites are less like facades and more like handbills stapled to telephone poles. You can scribble all over that Albertson’s ad in crayon, but no amount of doodling will let you steal a big pile of steaks. It’s the same thing with all those movies where some supervillain hacker cracks his way onto the power grid: You’d have to know a ton of secret internal information to have a hope of getting in.

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As chock-full of hidden content as GoldenEye already was, intrepid fans discovered that the game was originally intended to have a "line mode" where the game appears to be made with pen and paper. Apart from being able to play GoldenEye in a whole new way, this would be the closest you could get to experiencing “Take on Me” as a first-person shooter and express a visceral new form of musical criticism.

The 40 Most Insane Easter Eggs Ever Found

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