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Now that Emma had disappeared, a memory from their road trip came flooding back.

It was on the way to New York, before the cafe.

Regina had looked over at Emma who was driving. She thought to herself ‘I can’t believe how far we’ve come’. Emma had an undeniable effect on her.

Emma startled her out of her reverie 'Regina?’. 'Yes, Sweetie’ she said automatically. I mean 'Emma’, she quickly corrected. She might have turned a shade of red so deep it matched her purple dress. Emma just smiled a little and looked back at the road, the setting sun turning her golden locks a beautiful coppery red.

A Nice Greeting //Starter for NxtZero//

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New Worlds were definitely something new.
New people, all the more so.

However – almost being attacked wasn’t something Ventus particularly favoured.

“Whoa– Hey!”

Blond, golden locks shifted with the movement of the owner’s head and Ventus blinked at the one who had almost hit him directly, Wayward Wind appearing in the flash of Light it usually did;

Well – not exactly the nicest of greetings.


What? My first video? Yep. In this crazy thing you’ll see:

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Spoilers for Golden Locks Under an Emerald Hood

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Golden Locks Under An Emerald Hood

Thank you cityofolicity for your incredibly, incredibly kind and sweet words. So because of that, I decided to give the rest of you a little preview of the next chapter. I’m reworking the last scene-which is the based on the Laurel’s apartment scene in 1x02. Originally it was going to be Oliver and Felicity, but I decided to change it to Tommy and Felicity (with Oliver hovering outside the apartment–so you all get Olicity AND Merlance goodness. Especially for lieutenantsmoak)

Anyway, the preview’s below the cut, but I wanted to thank you all for the overwhelming feedback you’ve given this story. Honestly I didn’t think much of it, but it’s gotten the most notes out of any story I’ve posted. I love each and every one of you who have reblogged and liked. Sending you all lots of hugs!

Read on, followers, and enjoy! ❤

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Golden Locks Under an Emerald Hood | Chapter 4

Dedicated to olicitykisses and sentence-fragments. You both continue to be my darlings! ❤

This story keeps chugging along, snowballing with love and kind words and what’s that, oh yeah, fans (which is absolutely crazy to think about). So, things about this chapter that are important: we get the fallout (Oliver has some decisions to make), we finally get Diggle (major thanks to lieutenantsmoak who helped me figure that out), and we get a bit of Cisco too. Also, there might be a deleted scene coming after this that’ll pick up on something that happens in this chapter (shhhh, spoilers!)

Also, you can thank my mom for this being edited, because now she’s a huge fan of this story and she got really mad at me when she saw the other chapters weren’t edited. Love you, Mom!

Summary: Felicity Smoak is alive. The Starling city resident was found by fishermen in the North China sea five days ago, five years after she was lost at sea and presumed dead in an accident that sunk a Smoak Technologies research vessel. Smoak was the crowning jewel of the Starling city elite—a top student at MIT at just sixteen. Shortly before her disappearance she was working with Smoak Technologies to develop a cutting edge computer micro chip. Smoak is the daughter of Starling city billionaire, Dr. Robert Smoak, who was also on board the research vessel, but is now officially confirmed as deceased.

Chapter 1/ Chapter 2/ Deleted Scene/ Chapter 3 / Chapter 4 (Ao3)

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