Hexagonal Symbol Waves - Compositing Variations

Higher Quality Versions: Ello | G+

This is the series of steps I took in developing the two final designs in this set (Warm & Cold) - they actually both came off the same cycles render, but were variations in post-processing. This is how I take a multi-layered render and obsess over it for a week before I post the variants that I’m happy with. This is how I fail at anxiety management relating to “Is this design cool enough on its own, or is it true enough to the original idea at its inception?” Bah. Anyhow. It’s done now. It has to be. It’s time for me to work on more important things. Like sleep. That’s a thing I do sometimes. lol, sleep

This set is named Hexagon Symbol Waves. My two favorites from this set (Warm & Coldwere posted earlier today for your reblogging pleasure.

What do you think of all of these variations? Which one is your favorite? Why?

etsyfindoftheday | shop focus 3 | 12.17.14

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these minimalistic, intriguing accessories feature gold foil dots or dip-dyed, earthy ombre on leather or canvas or suede, all with a distinctive feminine vibe. love ‘em all.