For that drug cartel or Middle Eastern bling kind of aesthetic. The seller doesn’t mention what model it is, but based on the appearance and Zastava, Serbia mark, it’s probably an M92, albeit with custom wood handguard and grip. This thing is actually gold plated, not gold Duracoat, Cerakote or Krylon spray paint. Would I pay $12,500 for it? No. If I had a fortune where $12,500 was the same chump change, then yes I’d buy it cause I want a gold AK pistol. (GRH)

you don’t understand though like they’re more aggressive and scary and whenever I speak to someone from out west or even anywhere out of the eastern suburbs they either act like I’m the luckiest person in the world and act weird and worshippy or judge me for being well off like i spoke to a friend of mine at brunch about this and she said the same thing like i was saying i feel mean for hating people from the ghetto and she said well yeah but they’re just so different to us she’s right.
—  Shit People Respond With