My Hidden Gem: Sushi

Now I know you must be thinking to yourself that you can get sushi any where. This is true. You can get it any where, but for me I found the one place that I would go to over and over again despite the long lines and wait time. Not to mention the distance.  

I ended up going on a little journey down to Cupertino for dinner with Brian, John, and my new friends Reggie, Rita, Renee and Lily at a sushi restaurant called Gokaku

When I first go there, I wasn’t expecting to still see my friends waiting outside of the restaurant, especially since I live an hour and a half away from Cupertino. Since it was dinner time, we were literally at the point of getting very irritated, frustrated, and annoyed that we where waiting a very long time for a table. However, when we did finally get our table, it was all worth the wait. 

We ordered taro chips, 2 volcanos, a zig-zag roll, buta kimchi don, chef sampler, cream cheese harumaki, 2 mackerel maki roll, a rice ball, two pitchers of beer, and warm sake. It was really funny because when we were ordering all of this food the waiter looked at us like we where insane. Mind you we didn’t really know how big the portions were and he was explaining to us that what we were ordering was a lot… so we ended up modifying it per his suggestion. 


Here’s a break down of dinner: 

Taro chips - sliced fried taro with a special spicy chef sauce. This wasn’t what I was expecting. The sauce had great flavor and when combined with the taro chips, it was like unbelievable. I really can’t explain how delicious this was. 

Buta Kimchi Don - I didn’t really eat this one but I did get a small taste of this. It had tremendous flavor, not over powered by the kimchi, very light and very simple. 

Rice Ball - I didn’t try this one but my friend Renee said that it was really delicious. 

Volcano - this thing was literally like a monster of it’s own. It was really delicious, despite the fact that it had a lot of fried tempora flakes on top. It’s like digging though just to find a roll. So much flavor but it all meshed really well. 

Chef Sampler - this has a different types of rolls on there of the chef’s choice. Each one very tasty. 

Cream Cheese Harumaki - now I’m a huge fan of cheese, so when its deep fried. It’s like putting me in heaven. This roll was amazing cheesy and flavorful. 

Mackerel roll - my friend Reggie ordered this because mackerel is his favorite fish. He ended up getting a 2 different kinds. He said it was very tasty. 

Zig-Zag roll - made with soy wraps with soft shell crab, tobiko and scallions. Literally the best roll ever made. It was like a burst of flavor in your mouth and was very light. 

Overall, this was the best sushi restaurant by far. Service was really fast, nice, and was really accommodating. Highly recommend trying this place out. Even though it’s located in Cupertino. 

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