Hey guys! This is a break from my usual reblogging to tell you guys about something really important.

I am travelling to Italy and Spain! Well, maybe. I can only do it with your help. I have started a gofundme account because the cost of the trip is more than I could ever afford. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Arthritis and Sjogren’s Syndrome at the age of 9, and that shattered so many of my dreams. The only dream that has really stuck is my dream to become a writer. Many other writers know that unless you travel and truly see the world, it’s almost impossible to write good books. I’m afraid that if I don’t travel now, I will get too sick to travel once I am old enough to have a well-paying job. If you can’t donate, please please reblog and share with your friends and family. I know that if we all work together, I can get to Europe. If you donate, send me a message and I can write you a drabble or whatever else you want (promo on my blog or something). Thank you all so much!!!!!!!!!



To all the lovely people on tumblr,

I’ve dreamed of seeing the world since I was little. I now have the opportunity of a lifetime that won’t present itself again: to go to the Galápagos Islands for 11 days to explore, see animals I would never see otherwise, learn about Darwin and the links to humanity and anthro. It’s truly amazing but it’s over $4,000 and we don’t have that kind of money. I’ve got a page (similar to go fund me) set up through EF Tours, the company we are traveling through. You can see where we are going, what we are doing, and hopefully donate to help me get there. Anything you can offer will be greatly appreciated! Please consider donating on my page (link below) and helping me take advantage of this opportunity!

Thank You! Lexi :)

So I have the opportunity to go on an EF Tour with some kids from school. I really would love to go. Considering I’ve never left the US and it would be right after high school , If fee it would be a lot of fun. The only problem is that its $3,805 dollars ($243 Monthly). I’m not sure if I can raise the money. Do you guys have any helpful ideas for me?



Hey guys! I recently signed up to go on a trip to Australia with EF educational tours! The only thing is, I can’t raise the $4,885 by myself by doing rundraising. I have 15 months to raise the money and if you can donate at my gofundme.com/mtkumk or just share, it would help me out a lot! Thank you for reading!!!