Cloudy glass

If you are like me you can approximate the time spent at a Christmas party by how dirty your wine glass is. As time goes on you help your self to a sampling of finger food and by the end of the party your chosen chalice is about as transparent as Don Drapers Past (bear with me, I have only just discovered Mad Men and haven’t seen past the first season yet). 

Spare a thought for the bar staff who not only ensure that you never see the end of that Shiraz but at the end of the night have to collect ,wash and polish. 

Thanks to Winterhalter and their new award winning RoMatikXS Reverse Osmosis unit the laborious step of polishing is no longer required. 

I know that as far as bar equipment goes washers are not sexy. But the Winterhalter range complete with touch screens and transparent panels is ware washing porn. 

So as you down that last piece of fried finger food goodness at your Christmas party spare a thought for the unlucky bugger that picks up after you and doesn’t have luxury of one of these amazing units.