I am in serious need of help, last night I was informed that I was accepted to take part in a program that will allow me to help change peoples lives, only issue is, I don’t have enough funds to get me there.

When I was younger I always wanted to do something with my life that makes other peoples lives easier and better than mine was. That’s why I am starting an organisation that allows normal, ordinary people to donate to a mass amount of charities easily with just a few clicks of a button. 

But the only way I can make this dream come true, and help out hundreds and potentially hundreds of thousands of people is if I can pay for the the trip to attend the program, and I need your help to let me do this.

It will cost me nearly $800 for airfare, food, hotels, rides, and basic necessities for the time that I am there. 

Please help change thousands of others by helping make my dreams come true even if its a dollar.

Please reblog to help spread the word, Thank you!

If you can help even in the slightest click here and help me raise enough money to be able to this. 

So while donating to the other gofundme, i was linked to THIS ONE.


This woman is 61 years old, hasn’t gotten her workman’s compensation for a fall she had while working one of her two jobs. She is having trouble paying for groceries, gas/electric bills and for her medication. The fund isn’t 100% for her either but also to help get payment for one of her son’s dogs who is suffering from seizures.

SADLY within a month’s time she’s only gotten 7 donations. I know gofundme’s rarely reach max but I think she deserves more than just 7 donations! Please go here to donate!

Hey there, followers (and anyone passing by). This link is to support my partner’s GoFundMe page. He’s a very talented leather smith who’s trying to get his business going. We currently do no have the space in our home for him to work, and supporting him in this endeavor will help him tremendously!

Here’s a few examples of his work:

To see more of his work, visit his Facebook page. There are examples of commissions he’s done, as well as items he’s planning to sell once his online store goes up. If you’re interested in commissioning him for an item, that would help as well! He’s also made most of, if not all of my costumes.

He’s extremely talented! Any support would mean the world to him. If you can’t donate, then please spread the word!

Hey everyone, last night I was invited to attend a conference in California. I would go into detail myself but my mother always puts these things into better words that I would so here’s what she wrote for her gofundme page.

"Macleod applied and was accepted to attend a conference in Cupertino, CA (Silicon Valley) in October.His current computer programming project is for increasing traffic and donations to charities. This would be a fantastic opportunity for him to connect with the elite in the computer technology and programming fields. Although, this conference is short it would be invaluable to him- to learn, to figure out what the next step is and even get their attention for funding to help him help others. Some of the speakers at the YCombinator Startup School have included founders of some of the internet’s most used and well known sites. (Reddit, Facebook, Groupon…etc). 

Our son, Mac, just turned 17. We are very proud of him, his hard work and his ambition. His current project is a representation of his talent and his heart. Macleod recognizes that while he has not always had it easy, he has been very lucky and he wishes to use his charity project to help others who have not been as lucky. Honestly, we are struggling financially. We want to support him, but cannot afford to fly him to California and supply him with a safe place to stay and transportation. We are hopeful that money can be raised to help Macleod fulfill this opportunity." 

If you can donate or share to help me out please do, this is very important to myself, my family, and the charities.

The link to the campaign can be found here: http://www.gofundme.com/esy7rw

Thank you so much everyone!

- Macleod

Skit: What shape does happiness take?

Lailah: It’s a fluffy goat…
Edna: A goffy for short, then.
Sorey: This is a goat too? They’re really different from the ones back in Izuchi.
Lailah: Do they eat paper, I wonder?
Dezel: Stop it. Don’t give it rubbish.
Lailah: I’m sorry… You’re right, I shouldn’t.
Edna: How kind of you. Only towards animals.
Dezel: You guys are just too cruel.
Sorey: Dezel, are these goats the kind that live on cliffs and stuff?
Dezel: That’s right. They usually live there, but when they need to eat they move down to grasslands. They also sleep on cliffs.
Sorey: On cliffs… That’s a pain…
Lailah: They probably can’t even relax properly there…
Dezel: I guess from our point of view, it’d look like that. But they might unexpectedly be comfortable there.
Sorey: I see… At least they don’t need to worry about being attacked.
Lailah: Other people cannot understand what makes one happy… Is that it?
Dezel: That’s it.
Edna: Could it be you’re speaking from experience…?
Dezel: Hmph. Take it how you will.

Boomer needs help!!!



My friend’s sweet and beautiful service dog Boomer was hit by a speeding truck a few days ago. She and her boyfriend are struggling to pay for the medical costs of his emergency care, future surgeries, and eventual therapy. Even if you can’t donate, please share!!! He is truly the sweetest dog I’ve ever met and means the absolute world to my friend so any help would be very much appreciated.

The link to donate: http://www.gofundme.com/boomersbetterfund

Hey, guys - Sam’s VA needs your help. She’s just been hit with an extensive vet bill and yet they still can’t say for sure what’s wrong with her cat. Chances are he’ll have to go back in soon for more tests even after all this. There’s still no guarantee this will end well, but we’d hate to see it happen due to lack of funds. We’d appreciate it if you guys could donate or signal boost this GoFundMe page to get the word out. Thanks so much!

Please help


Hey everyone, My name is Jianna and as of today, me and my fiancee have been hunger insecure for eight months when we moved out of my parents house. My mother is extreamly abusive so it was a good change but now things are still horribly difficult. Right now I’m the only one supporting us finaciallly. My pay checks are about 500 and my rent is 600. We dont have the money for food, bills and medical care, which I require a lot of. I have PCOS and when I was 16 I had Ovarian cancer. The good news is that My fiancee found a job in North Dakota, but we dont have the money to get up there. The money you donate will go to paying our depposit for our appartment, paying off my high medical bills, getting us to North Dakota, getting us clothes to do interviews in and paying off our closing costs for our bills, and paying my meal charge ticket at work. Please I’ve been hungery for so long and moving would help us so much. We don’t know where our next meal is coming from and the only time I can eat is at work. We’ve already sold EVERYTHING we own and still that only paid for a weeks worth of food. Please help.