[Mekakucity Actors act 6] Animation Comparisons - TV ver. (top) vs DVD/BD ver. (bottom)


So this bloke goes “DOES ANYBODY HERE LIKE ONE DIRECTION” and me and a few others go “WOOOOO” and then this happened.

“What do you mean you couldn’t kill her?!” the Evil Queen Elsa shouted at the Bad Guy as she froze the deadly arrows chasing them out of the city. “You said yourself it would be easy as pie!”

“I’ll explain later!” Ralph yelled. 

It was if a lightbulb turned on over Elsa’s head. “Oh heavens, no. Don’t tell me you’ve actually fallen for her! My original!” 

When he didn’t respond, she let out a very loud groan. 

Their plans to take over this kingdom had suddenly gotten a lot more complicated. 

Let me tell you a little fucking thing okay. It is notI repeat not homophobic to not ship a m/m slash pairing. Or a male/male any pairing for that matter. In fact, the extreme fetishizing of gay men by straight girls where they have this weird desire to always stick two hot guys together just because it’s hot is in fact more problematic. Especially at the disregard of canon gay relationships, canon gay characters, or females. That being said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with shipping two males together. If you think they’d be a good couple ship to your little hearts content. 

However, I’m going to say this again: it is not homophobic to dislike a m/m pairing or to not ship a m/m pairing. If you do not think those two characters would or do make a good couple, if you find their relationship to be problematic, if you don’t like the idea of them dating or if you just find it to be something you don’t like, that is perfectly acceptable. Targeting people who do not ship the same ship as you and calling it homophobic simply because the ship is a homosexual one is gross. What ishomophobic and/or problematic are the following things:

  • "I don’t ship x male and y male because they aren’t gay in canon"
  • "I do not ship that boy and that boy because gay dudes are gross"
  • I don’t ship guy and guy because I hate gay people. 

Do you see the difference here? Problematic/homophobic behavior: not shipping a ship simply because it is a homosexual relationship. Perfectly acceptable behavior: Not shipping a ship because you just don’t think the characters work together or don’t like them together. 

Tachibana Makoto is moving forward, not being left behind

Okay, I said I was going to talk about Makoto. So I’m going to talk about Makoto. Because I have utterly loved Makoto’s arc this season and I am DEEPLY UPSET people are not appreciating it.

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"Emily hasn’t been on set in weeks. I know she wasn’t seen much before BUT…"

"Why is she not filming with everyone?"

"Looks like her and Daryl will never find each other."

"Where is Beth?!"

"There is no reason she wouldn’t be back with the group IF she is alive."

— Gee golly, shucks, I just can’t think of a possible answer