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you have such a following and you use it for swearing, make-up and premarital sex when you could be using it to spread the powerful and inspiring word of god. please, reconsider what you're doing and change your ways, if not for yourself, but for your lost followers who see nothing but superficial reality.

About godsw0rdislaw...

It appears that her Tumblr is no longer active. I realize that she has said things that are complete misrepresentations of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. For any of you who were hurt or offended, I apologize. For those of you with questions regarding what Mormons really believe, I invite you to find out.

I do have the disclaimer that unless I state that my answers are Official Church Doctrine, they are just my views as an active member of the Church. But my views usually have scriptural basis and align with Official Church Doctrine. I am only human.

I hit the ask limit!

But to respond to your answer, what is God’s truth?

And I use my intelligence to spread God’s love. Because God loves all His children. :)