Even though they are small, the wings of spiral dragons are exceptionally strong. Most are bigger than what you see in the official art. This is because they wrap themselves around large things to move, such as boulders to make nests. Some have been known to tear trees straight out of the ground.

It is also not uncommon for a spiral to have three pairs of feet. Some think it was the Arcanist not being careful while working with Windsingers DNA, but spirals confirm they’re helpful for carrying their long tails.

War does not exist in Sornieth; at least, not between dragon clans or Flights. It’s considered uncouth and uncivilized since all the legends point to the gods needing to band together. After a few skirmishes while the gods were divvying up the land, flights don’t wage war on each other. Trade is healthy and common, research agreements are frequent, some lands have no customs/border protection for select flights (wind dragons stopped being forced to sign papers sometime after the flights realized there was no stopping them anyways). 

This isn’t to say conflict doesn’t exist. Research agreements can quickly boil into races for superior technology, and embargoes can be as useful as sieges in some areas. Clans near flight borders are known for overnight raids, but those are by no means organized. The closest thing to real warfare is when flights send exalted troops to nearby beastclans for ‘training maneuvers.’ When that flight’s rival sends troops to the beastclan’s rivals, only then is draconic blood shed by other dragons en masse, in a kind of cold war.

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Do you think Netjeru learn from their experiences with their various devotees? For instance, if a god does or says something that might make sense to them but makes them come off as a jerk, would a conflict and then resolution from that cause them to alter that behavior or do you think they're pretty static on the maturity scale?

Very much yes.

Our gods are certainly not static in my experience. They learn, they grow, they get hurt, they have short comings. Just like we do. In the 5 or so years that I’ve worked with Set, I’ve seen him shift and change and grow just as much as I have. He’s become more aware of how his words effect me, he has learned that sometimes its better to just be quiet and not say anything. He’s learned how to not stick his foot in his mouth as much.

More importantly, I’ve watched him and his brother change in how they handle one another. Osiris is about the same as he has always been. But Osiris is known for his stability. I sometimes question if Set felt guilty for what happened btwn the two of them, and so he avoided his brother for many many years. However, because I was a wrench in the system, he had no choice but to face whatever baggage was there.

At first it was really awks. But now they are far more comfortable and relaxed if they’re in the same room together. I still don’t see them together very often, but I can see the differences. So I know that there is change occurring on some level.

I sometimes think our gods need healing, too. I know that people seem to think that gods are “so much above all of this human pettiness” but I disagree. If you look at a lot of the mythology present in a lot of pantheons, many gods have been through hell, too. And I think they end up with broken brain bits just like we do. And sometimes certain devotees, certain experiences, situations, etc. allow them to work on healing those things.

So yes. I do think that they can grow and change just like we do. I’m sure they’re capable of going in the opposite direction, too.

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