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Atheism should not result in dismissing theism as "foolish"

Being an atheist should not result in dismissing believers. I take the time to listen carefully to the concerns and views of those who are believers, be it Christians, Jews, Muslims, or any other religious group. We need to be understanding of people’s reasons for believing, just as believers should be understanding of us for not believing. But how do you expect that to happen when you dismiss them as “foolish” to add to the misconceptions some have about atheism? Many believers tends to not understand the normality and joyfulness of life for an atheist, our ability to love, enjoy life, and show acts of kindness to others. Many believers haven’t even met an atheist! Do you honestly want them to have their first experience with an atheist come off as having met an arrogant person who hates them? Being an atheist doesn’t mean having a less fulfilling life, it doesn’t mean hating different religions, it just means we live a great life without it.

She [Tauriel] says ”There’s no love in you”. She’s actually utterly wrong. He [Thranduil] has loved so deeply that he can’t go near it anymore. He can’t approach it, he can’t touch it, it is not to be talked about. So when he finally says to Legolas “Your mother loved you, more than anything, more than life”, that’s what we said to the actor in that moment is that she died saving her child.
—  Philippa Boyens (x)


I know they’re really late but I still had fun making them.

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top row: The Reindeer Ring [percy, piper, annabeth]

middle row: The Santa Society [leo, frank, hazel]

bottom row: The Mistletoe Mob [jason, reyna, nico]

We have our Menorah ready for tonight! I’m not a preacher, but I am doing research and decided to share this with the world for those who do not know, because I too didn’t know; now I know. Tonight at sundown there is a special holiday that takes place. One doesn’t have to be Jewish to celebrate or gain knowledge about the history of #Gods Chosen People, the #Jews. I’m putting this out there for my fellow #Christians to gain the knowledge about #Chanukah #Hanukkah in Brief:

Jews celebrate Hanukkah because it is a festival which commemorates the purification and rededication of the Temple by Judas Maccabeus on Kislev 25, 165 BC (usually in December). During the time of the 2nd Temple, the Holy Land was ruled by cruel Greeks. They robbed the Jews of their property, and set up idols in the Beit HaMikdash. No one could stand up against them, till Mattityahu and his sons rose up and drove them from the land. The Chanukah lights remind us of the great miracle that a small band of Jews defeated the mighty Greek armies. The #Maccabees risked their lives to keep Torah alive! That’s why they won! An even greater miracle than defeating the Greek armies was the miracle of the oil. The Greeks had made all the oil in the Beit HaMikdash impure. Miraculously, the Maccabees found one jar that had been overlooked. But it only had enough oil for one day. So great was their love of #G-d, that they lit it anyway! Hashem (God) made another miracle, and the oil burned for eight days! Everyone could see that the Shechinah (presence of God) dwelt with the Jews. Every day of Hanukkah we add another candle till all eight candles of the #Menorah are ablaze. By adding a candle every night for 8 days, we charge ourselves up with light. I’m putting this out there, because In the last days our eyes will open!


i’ve seen a lot of people mix up certain gods and goddesses with each other and thats totally ok considering that even i, a girl born and raised in a Hindu family, gets shit confused all the time because it’s literally impossible to memorize the millions of gods like there are literally millions literally

SO FIRST UP meet Vishnu


he’s one of the three supreme deities, part of the holy trinity and what not. he’s basically known for being in everything and maintaining the world up to the atomic level and is also in charge of all things good. he’s a real nice guy, super friendly. had three jealous wives but can you blame him i mean it’s not every day you can find such a guy like him.



this guy’s your super chill grandpa. also part of the holy trinity, he basically created the universe and was the first to appear and gives humans creativity and knowledge. he gives advice to everyone and is basically everyone’s…. brah. GET IT HAHAHA i am going to Naraka—



part of the holy trinity he is referred to as the WORLD DESTROYER. and how does he destroy the world? he dances it into fucking oblivion thats fucking how. fear the arts. literally kinda useless without Shakti though but we’ll get to that later.

aside from his whole world annihilation thing he’s a pretty chill guy who meditates all the time. total family man, loves his wife and all. just don’t get him pissed off ya know.



there are literally so many cartoons about this guy that i’ve watched as a kid like he was the biggest little shit alright lemme just say that just think of a spoiled pooh bear except as a little blue human and instead of honey he goes after milk/sweets HE’S ALWAYS HUNGRY I SWEAR EVERY FUCKING STORY IS ABOUT FOOD 

anyways he’s basically revered as the most prettiest— thats right, PRETTIEST — god/avatar of Vishnu. this is why i said it was ok to get these guys mixed up since theyre all fucking blue anyways except for the old guy man Brahma my dude are you sure you gave humans enough creativity 

but yeah most of the stories are about his childhood but then he becomes a prince and every girl wants him so basically he’s our version of Romeo BUT HE STILL ACTS LIKE A ROYAL PRICK HES LIKE THE EPITOME OF “BOYS WILL BE BOYS” he lifts mountains for sport and beats up/plays around with demons for the fun of it like theyre toys or whatever man i have a lot to say about this kid but i’ll stop 

so now that you know about the holy trinity of gods it’s time to learn about the holy trinity of GODDESSES YEAHHH GIRL POWER right under the cut cause shit this post is getting long

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